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Aug 07

Day One of 2014 PGA in the Books

Again, the Unexpected Lead Perhaps it isn’t all that important most of the time, making note of the leader after the first round. It isn’t ultimately crucial, knowing that absolutely anything and everything can and probably will happen over the following three days. It is true that from time to time, a player leadrs throughout, …

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Jul 29

Golf’s Big Three?


A New Big Three? Oh, Come On Today, I read the greatest piece of wishful thinking I could imagine when it comes to the game of golf. Someone was actually spending his or her valuable time trying to gather together a team of three PGA players who call to mind the Palmer-Nicklaus-Player charisma of the …

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Sep 17

Mr. (and Ms.) 59 – A Tough Club to Join

Mr. 59

Al Geiberger – Mr. 59 I had to initiate a new round of laughter last week when Jim Furyk came out with a 59 during the BMW Championship, thinking about the recent criticism of his age, and amidst all the talk of him becoming a “has-been.” Pardon?” I thought. “What has-been has ever joined the …

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Aug 27

Presidents Cup 2013

Hideki Mutsuyama

Presidents Cup 2013 – Who Are These Guys? I can’t believe that we are, as a group of team match-play spectators, asking that question again. When will we ever learn? Wasn’t it just two weeks ago that we were searching Wikipedia and youtube for information on some of Europe’s Solheim no-names, only to find that …

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Aug 11

No Kids at the PGA-Furyk and Dufner

Furyk and Dufner Experience Leading The youth movement, in my opinion, has gone too far. We’ve reached the point where we begin to worry about a player who’s heading into the late 20s and hasn’t won everything in sight. “Poor thing,” we think – “he/she’s an also-ran.” That’s the very dilemma we have this week. …

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Aug 08

The PGA 2013

The PGA 2013

Majors Majors Everywhere – Time for the PGA If one is a fan of only one of the professional golf tours, the high points of the year come a few months apart – that makes them high points, among other things. If one is an avid follower of both the PGA and LPGA, the golfing …

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