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Jun 20

Player Assaults Chambers Bay

Gary Player – “One of the Most Unpleasant Courses in My Life” I’ve been a Gary Player fan since I was a young teen, but my favorite Gary Player is the one who played golf. It is his belief that to remain silent, on almost any subject, is a breakdown in moral responsibility. I, on …

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May 13

Golf’s Response to Drought

Good Step, But A Little Slow I read this morning that golf courses all over the state of California are conducting sweeping changes in the way they work with water and the natural environment, and even though I applaud the sentiment, something seemed a little bit off. I had the idea that they spoke as …

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Nov 27

Giving Thanks – My Two Cents

Giving Thanks in a Golf Culture Canada celebrated its day of Thanksgiving (jour de l’action de grace) last month, and in the U.S., it’s today. Having been born in the Pacific Northwest, spending much time in British Columbia, and living in Alberta for a time, some of my best avenues of gratitude go out to …

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Nov 06

Wie, Leadbetter, and Winston Churchill

  Winston Churchill’s Quotes Confirm Wie and Leadbetter?     Gary Player used to love quoting Winston Churchill – thought he was the greatest thing since Alexander the Great, and considering history, he’s probably right. Just for the “Miracle of Dunkirk” alone, we know that he was no wimp. Now, Michelle Wie is quoting him, …

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Dec 28

It’s Golf’s Off-Season – What Shall We Talk About?

  The Silly Season for Golf     Some people call it “silly season.” People are still playing golf during the off-season, of course, but none of the big stuff is happening, and the LPGA is taking a little longer breath before they visit the Bahamas. When football bowl season ends, it’s ok for a …

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