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Jan 17

Chilean Teen Going to Masters

Toto Gana wins Latin American Open, Gets Masters Invite Getting up this morning I thought, “What’s going on in the golf world that I’d love to talk about today?” That’s not always an easy question, because we’re between pro tour seasons, college teams are in hibernation for a little while, and there’s freezing rain all …

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Jan 10

Explaining Golf’s Pleasures to Uninitiated

Every sport has its disciples who swear by its exhaustive list of sensory and health pleasures. They also have a corresponding group of skeptics that wonder aloud, “Why would anyone do that?” Baseball, football, curling, badminton – golf…they all have it, even boxing, so they say. The naysayers don’t believe that there is a cornucopia …

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Jan 08

Rory and the Question of Membership

Resents Olympics Forcing Him to Choose Alliance When called upon to express ourselves in a nationalistic way, it turns out that most of us are like corporations, owned by a lot of people and collectives. It usually works out all right, because our locale, our region, and our national membership are in lock step with …

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Dec 31

Practice Makes…Everything

You Have to Practice. Don’t Let Them Tell You Any Different Yes, the oldest joke in the book applies. “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, Practice, Practice.” It will always be that way, without exceptions. And yet, there is a type of marketing personality that will always try to convince you otherwise. He …

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Dec 28

Iconic Golf Brand Origins

Where did Those Hallowed Brand Names Come From? I can well-remember the power of advertising when I was a kid.  When those Titleists appeared under the tree, I wondered how I could ever lose. If, by chance, they were MacGregors on a particular year, I thought “Well, I might have to work a little harder, …

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Dec 24

Holiday Memories and Look to Spring

How the Holiday Season Has Changed Whatever holiday it is that a person celebrates, so long as it is a harbor for good memories, it still relates to what I’ve been feeling this morning. For me, it’s Christmas, and I’ll confess that I’m talking about the nostalgic memories and a little about the commercial side. …

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Dec 18

Grow into New Equipment

How many times has it happened? We go out and purchase the hot new thing, sparkling irons that look like they were put together on the starship Enterprise, woods that seem almost to operate by radar, and putters that look like ancient Mesopotamian scepters. “Ah, now my game is going to take off,” we say. …

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Dec 06

Golf and Music – Loud!

Meditation is Giving Way to Background Music on the Tee Leave it to good-ole John Daly to occupy the vanguard of new age golf, a sport where calm and silent conentration was the theme, to accompanying rock concerts and, who knows, troupes of dancers joining each player’s entourage. Actually, it isn’t all that dramatic in …

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Nov 29

Golf and Violence – Why?

More Cases of Violence on Golf Courses – Golf’s Fault? A fight here and there are on the golf course is not news. Episodes of violence have always happened from time to time, but here in the United States, the cases are increasing a bit, with another high-profile incident reported today from the state of …

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Nov 15

Golf Rules for the Birds

Some Rules Just Need to Go, While Others Need to be Enacted Josh Sens of Golf.com wrote an article this week entitled the 8 Supidest Rules in Golf, and boy howdy did he ever nail it! Weekenders like me watch the pros go through these terrible trials, in which they are sometimes unjustly punished for …

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