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May 21

Lexi Thompson Sets the Tour Straight


Lexi Thompson Puts Together Four Unbeatable Rounds at Kingsmill We’ve talked about it for weeks, the tragic, stupid, and embarrassing travesty of the weak-kneed USGA. They let someone like me snatch away a probable tour victory for Lexi Thompson. That means someone like me, leaning on a couch, Fritos Corn Chips and a brew by …

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May 16

Rookie Alison Lee on Top

First Time Rookie Alison Leading LPGA Event I wondered today about the meaning of the word “Rookie.” It couldn’t have anything to do with the Rook on a chess board, because that’s a very powerful piece, and rookies are supposed to be the ones who don’t know what’s going on. There’s the phrase “I’ve been …

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May 20

Lizette Arrives at Kingsmill

Lizette Salas

Lizette Salas Wins the Kingsmill Championship in Williamsburg First you learn to play the game, and along the way, learn to control your emotions and nerves. Then, you learn to cope with better and better competition, and then you learn how to show up consistently among the better players. Then you learn to get into …

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May 17

Lizette Salas Leading into Sunday

Lizette Salas

Can Lizette Salas Win on Sunday? The Kingsmill Championship sits on the James River, in the vicinity of Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown. Can you get any more American than that? The original lost colony, the British surrender, and all that colonial charm? This is the state of Thomas Jefferson and his alma mater, the College …

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May 15

Is It Time for Yani Again?

Yani Tseng

Yani Tseng Swinging Well Again I’m not so sure about the theory that a butterfly flapping his wings in one part of the world will result in a typhoon on the other, but if I was, I could hypothesize that I had something to do with Michelle Wie’s resurgence a week or so ago, just …

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May 13

The Psychology of Tee Times

Tee Times -Early Morning, Mid Morning, Afternoon Getting ready for the first day of the Kingsmill Champion at the Resort Course in Williamsburg, Virginia, I looked through the field today to see the order. Besides noticing the conspicuous absence of Michelle Wie, which surprised me, considering that she’s playing so well, the second thing that …

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