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Jul 11

Trump and the USGA – Politics

President and Golf Mogul Threatened to Sue USGA Apparently, it is a feature of the American system that suing the President of the United States for any reason is off limits. There might be a problem with him being busy elsewhere. It could range from a photo-op with the Miss Universe Pageant, or a sudden …

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Oct 27

Handicap in Court?

Handicap-“Handicap Building”, “Sand-bagging” Apparently, Thomas Talbot of Ireland understands the true depth of a cheating accusation. When he received his handicap of 13, a brief phrase accompanied it – “General Play.” I am not familiar with this phrase, but it seems as though it indicates that the player in question has falsified his handicap in …

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Mar 24

Caddies Suing PGA – Revolution!

Fifty Million Dollar Suit Caddie’s and musicians share the same history – sleep in the stables, be heard, not seen, or the other way around. Musicians have mostly climbed out of the pit of inequality, but golf caddies are still trying to get that last leg up, and break the stereotype that has kept them …

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Feb 07

The PGA Caddie Revolt

  Caddies Going After “Unpaid “Endorsements”     It’s an old, old story about support groups and devalued members of society. When western climbers are killed on Mt. Everest, we read their names in the newspaper. But the seven Serpa guides who died with them? Not a clue, just “seven Serpa guides.” Not too many …

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