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Jun 11

Jutanugarn Takes Manulife in Playoff


Jutanugarn Beats Lexi Thompson and In Gee Chun A week ago, I was thinking that nobody was going to stop Lexi Thompson this year if she showed up on Sunday with a lead. I don’t know what the psychology behind it was, or where it came from, but that can of worms over the four-stroke …

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May 21

Lexi Thompson Sets the Tour Straight


Lexi Thompson Puts Together Four Unbeatable Rounds at Kingsmill We’ve talked about it for weeks, the tragic, stupid, and embarrassing travesty of the weak-kneed USGA. They let someone like me snatch away a probable tour victory for Lexi Thompson. That means someone like me, leaning on a couch, Fritos Corn Chips and a brew by …

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Apr 04

USGA, Lexi and the Middle Ages


Lexi Unfairly Ruled By Armchair Referee What Century Are We In, for Crying Out Loud? So I’m sitting in my recliner on a Tuesday, and I notice that when basketball player X hit the game-winner on Sunday night, his foot was on the out of bounds line? Well, I’ll certainly take care of that. I’ll …

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Jan 28

Great Players, New Attitude in Bahamas

I love this part of the year. The women actually start playing again this week, but after year after year of watching the start of the golf season, I am not doing the “same game, same faces” thing. That’s one of the beauties of golf. It’s never the same, and ven if the faces are …

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Dec 10

Lexi Thompson’s Statement at Shootout

lexi thompson

Lexi Thompson Collaborates with Bryson de Chambeau to Create Some Golf Fireworks Does everyone remember when Michelle Wie got thrown into a men’s tournament all those years ago, when she was still no more than a teen? What an awful thing that was, to put her up to that for the bucks and the ratings. …

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Feb 27

Lexi Dominating Thailand

Lexi – Four Stroke Lead for Sunday The women of the LPGA are a few weeks into their national tour of the tropics while they wait for the climate to warm up in more places. Their tournament schedule is a “Where’s Where” of all the places I haven’t been able to go yet, but plan …

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Jul 25

Salas Heads Quartet at Meijer

Lexi Thompson

Salas Could Blow it Wide Open on Sunday What are the most important things, I wonder, that make a golf tournament what it is? What sets it apart from other events on the tour? What makes it a catch phrase? One might consider the age of the tournament, the marketing of its sponsors, and the …

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Apr 07

Lexi Thompson Wins Kraft Nabisco

Lexi Thompson

Cobra Puma Press Release Lexi Thompson Wins Kraft Nabisco As I am a loyal Cobra fan I felt it appropriate to publish the Cobra Puma Press Release of Lexi Thompson’s big win. LEXI LEAPS INTO THE WINNERS CIRCLE IN STYLE AT THE KRAFT NABISCO CHAMPIONSHIP COBRA PUMA GOLF Pro Lexi Thompson Wins First Major Using …

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Apr 01

When Finishing Second is Just Finishing Second

Finishing Second a Step to Winning The final board at the KIA Classic this past weekend was interesting, not only because Anna Nordqvist came charging out of the pack to win it with what we hear is her longer distance off the tee (about 13 yards), but because of those who almost won it, and …

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Nov 19

New Faces on Ochoa Leaderboard

Up and Coming Faces on the LPGA Lexi Thompson has had a breakout month or two. The prodigy super-kid thing is pretty well done, (even though she’s still surprisingly young for so much success) and now she’s a true veteran of the tour, ready to enter her best years. The leaderboard at Ochoa was also …

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