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Jul 25

Salas Heads Quartet at Meijer

Lexi Thompson

Salas Could Blow it Wide Open on Sunday What are the most important things, I wonder, that make a golf tournament what it is? What sets it apart from other events on the tour? What makes it a catch phrase? One might consider the age of the tournament, the marketing of its sponsors, and the …

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Aug 16

Lizette Salas Taking No Chances With Back

Lizette Salas

Treats Back Problems Seriously, Carefully Lizette Salas has reached the fourth round of the Wegmans LPGA, and is still able to get up in the morning to go out and play golf. In fact, two of her last three rounds have been pretty good, all things considered. A short time ago, she bent to pick …

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May 20

Lizette Arrives at Kingsmill

Lizette Salas

Lizette Salas Wins the Kingsmill Championship in Williamsburg First you learn to play the game, and along the way, learn to control your emotions and nerves. Then, you learn to cope with better and better competition, and then you learn how to show up consistently among the better players. Then you learn to get into …

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May 17

Lizette Salas Leading into Sunday

Lizette Salas

Can Lizette Salas Win on Sunday? The Kingsmill Championship sits on the James River, in the vicinity of Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown. Can you get any more American than that? The original lost colony, the British surrender, and all that colonial charm? This is the state of Thomas Jefferson and his alma mater, the College …

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Apr 01

When Finishing Second is Just Finishing Second

Finishing Second a Step to Winning The final board at the KIA Classic this past weekend was interesting, not only because Anna Nordqvist came charging out of the pack to win it with what we hear is her longer distance off the tee (about 13 yards), but because of those who almost won it, and …

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Aug 14

The Solheim Cup 2013

Solheim Cup

How to Follow a Major – the Solheim Cup We’ve had the men and women’s British Open this month, and ended up with the PGA Championship. Every major acted like a major, and we were shown great stories at each venue. With so many central events owned by all the tours, a new problem has …

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