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Sep 03

Jutanugarn Like Jaws on Tour

Thai Golfer Jutanugarn Omnipresent in 2016 Do we all remember movies like Jaws, and the frightening music associated with the beast around which the story is centered? It’s iconic now. Whenever you hear those bass fiddles thump thump thumping away down there, you know that someone at the surface is in big trouble. It’s the …

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Jun 04

Cheyenne Wood’s Record

Cheyenne Wood – Share of Course Record at Manulife I’ve been waiting for a while now to see how Cheyenne Woods, the niece of Tiger Woods, pans out. When she came out of Wake Forest, I was impressed, but thought that she needed to get the scoring average down quicker than she was. It was …

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Jun 05

Grey Silo Manulife Financial LPGA Classic

And They’re Off! Day 1 at Grey Silo The first round of any golf tournament has a specific kind of pleasure that is quite different from the other three rounds. Everyone starts with a clean slate, everything is fresh and new. Nobody has quadruple bogeyed anything yet. The course and the regional venue is usually …

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Jun 03

O Canada! LPGA Finally Heads North

Manulife Financial LPGA Classic This Week All right, we’ve done the palm trees of the Bahamas, the waters of the Hawaiian Islands, and the green painted landscape of desert courses in the American Southwest. This week, however, is one of my favorite in the golf season, because the courses start to look a little more …

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