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Jul 01

Woods We (Wie) Don’t Admit to – Apparently

Some See Michelle Wie’s Admission to hitting High-Numbered Woods as a Gotcha Moment When I was introduced to the game of golf as a child, several years passed in which I compared and calibrated the sensations that accompany each and every club in the bag. Of course, the driver was my favorite – no surprise …

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Mar 04

Big Chance for Wie


Wie Leads By Two Into Final Round of HSBC The LPGA is still playing many time zones away, in Singapore. Here I sit on a Saturday afternoon, and a few of the leaders of the HSBC Women’s Championship have already started the final round. From the golfers’ perspective, especially for Michelle Wie, things might look …

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Jan 30

Bahamas – a New Year

Bahamas Golf Surprising Start for New Season I love this part of the year, because in addition to an abiding love for the game of golf, my appetite for it is refreshed and new. With the Northwest snows, I haven’t played for a long time, but can live vicariously through the LPGA as they walk …

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Mar 17

Michelle Wie Under the Weather

Wie Struggling to Get Well and Injury-Free  There are a lot of things you can do in this world when you feel sick. You can even swing a golf club, but if you’ve got what Michelle Wie’s got, “flu-like” symptoms, you probably don’t feel like swinging anything. Going back to bed might sound more appealing …

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Nov 06

Wie, Leadbetter, and Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

  Winston Churchill’s Quotes Confirm Wie and Leadbetter?     Gary Player used to love quoting Winston Churchill – thought he was the greatest thing since Alexander the Great, and considering history, he’s probably right. Just for the “Miracle of Dunkirk” alone, we know that he was no wimp. Now, Michelle Wie is quoting him, …

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Sep 11

Hyo Joo Kim

Hyo Joo Kim

Hyo Joo Kim’s 61, Michelle’s WD at Evian The LPGA witnessed another first by a young magician today, as Hyo Joo Kim, a pro since last year, shot a record-breaking 61 in the first round of the Evian Championship, the next major in the LPGA’s season It was a course record, a tournament record, and …

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Jun 27

2nd Round of NW Arkansas

2nd Round of NW Arkansas – Surprise Leaders Unless you live on Mars, you know that Michelle Wie won the Women’s US Open last week, which should be a sure sign that she won’t be anywhere near the top this week. We’re surprised that she even made the trip. She feels the exhaustion, and has …

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Jun 26

Pig Sooie!

Stacy Lewis

Walmart NW Arkansas Follows Open-Pig Sooie! For those of us who were immersed in last week’s US Women’s Open, this is going to be a different week altogether. Pity the poor venue that has to host the next LPGA event after a major, especially after that one. But Arkansas is stepping proudly up to do …

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Jun 05

Grey Silo Manulife Financial LPGA Classic

And They’re Off! Day 1 at Grey Silo The first round of any golf tournament has a specific kind of pleasure that is quite different from the other three rounds. Everyone starts with a clean slate, everything is fresh and new. Nobody has quadruple bogeyed anything yet. The course and the regional venue is usually …

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May 24

How Will Charley Navigate Airbus Field?

Charley Hull

Charley Ready for Airbus LPGA Classic? The Airbus LPGA Classic is into its third day in Mobile, Alabama, and a ferocious group of powerful golfers are gathered at the top of the action. Anna Nordqvist and Catriona Matthews are at -12, Stacy Lewis and Charley Hull are at -11, Mozo, Thompson, Shin, Jorda, Pettersen, Wie …

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