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Jan 26

Olympic Golf and Parity

Olympic Golf Almost Anyone Could Win Gold Most of the governing bodies of team sports around the world have come around to the idea of parity, in one form or another, some mechanism by which all participating teams have a shot at landing the talent with which to succeed. Football, basketball, baseball, they’re all doing …

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Nov 29

Rio Olympic Golf

The Continuing Saga of Rio Olympic Golf I touch base with the 2016 Olympics from time to time, largely out of necessity, because we really don’t know yet if Olympic golf is going to cross the finish line in time for the games. When we first looked in on Olympic progress, the course was a …

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Sep 09

Olympic Golf in Rio

Olympic Golf in Rio – Still Happening? One of my favorite Olympic events was watching the Greeks race against time to finish all of the facilities before the opening ceremonies. I joked at the time that they cut it so close, but were so efficient, that the driving in of the final nail served as …

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Mar 27

Olympic Golf Delays – Blame it on Rio

Olympic Golf Delayed in Lands Rights Dispute I remember when the Olympic Games were rolling around in the city of Athens, and the world was up in arms about whether the ancestors of earth’s greatest democratic civilization would get the thing done on time. The International Olympic Committee was tearing its hair out, but the …

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