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Jan 02

In Gee-Chun Carries the Torch

In Gee-Chun Carries the Torch

LPGA star In Gee-Chun Runs Her Link of the Olympic Torch Route The winter Olympics are almost here. I have a special love for the winter games, particularly when I am sitting on a comfortable sofa with a cup of hot chocolate watching the competitors ski, skate, and luge their brains out. I’ve always had …

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Jan 24

Asia’s Second Thoughts About Golf


Olympics Hit a Snag, China Flips on Growing the Game It sounds like a good cliche to say that it’s never too early to start thinking about the next Olympics. I disagree with that, partiularly considering how drama-filled the creation of Rio’s course ended up, and I still don’t like alligators hiding out in the …

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Jan 08

Rory and the Question of Membership


Rory Resents Olympics Forcing Him to Choose Alliance When called upon to express ourselves in a nationalistic way, it turns out that most of us are like corporations, owned by a lot of people and collectives. It usually works out all right, because our locale, our region, and our national membership are in lock step …

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Aug 20

Two Worlds Win Golf Medals

UK and South Korea Win Gold Now that the golf portion of the Olympic Games is in the rear view mirror, I can backtrack a little on all my doubt that it would ever happen. I also doubted that it would happen with good people, and I doubted that the game would ever be invited …

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Aug 13

Rose Strikes First in Rio

Rose Takes Gold In Rio Britain Looking Good So Far Golf has, at last, has begun at the Rio Olympics, and so far, so good. Not one player has been eaten alive at the ponds, pounced on from a tree, stung by anything other than the normal types of airborne critters, or robbed at gunpoint …

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Aug 03

Jutanugarn Changes the Map

Jutanugarn Opens Up the World For Top Golfers Top Golf Coming from Around the Globe How things have changed from the old days. Back in the era of my childhood, the LPGA was predominantly an American affair, and the foreign golfer provided international color. Over on the men’s side, it was Arnie, Sam and Jack, …

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Jun 21

Olympic Crime Rising

Athletes Feel Imperiled Obviously, the Olympic Games, summer or winter, is the perfect venue for local or international trouble. The Games are covered in every detail by the media, and all or most of the nations are gathered through their representative athletes. For every ten thousand or so individuals who rejoice in the international camaraderie, …

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May 28

Does Zika Change Things?

Golfers Watching and Waiting Zika Situation I was going to begin my thoughts today by telling Ariya Jutanugarn that enough is enough, and this total dominance thing isn’t funny anymore. But now, I want to ask her how she feels about going to the Olympics as one who has her game on fire, given the …

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May 24

Here Comes Thailand

What are they putting in the water these days in Thailand? Where golf is concerned, it’s a fair question. Ariya Jutanugarn has won her second consecutive LPGA tournament this week in the Kingsmill. Two weeks ago, she won the Yokohama Tire Classic. She’s come close to winning several others in recent times, and only lost …

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Mar 08

Olympic Golf Will Happen

Olympic Course Tested – At Last We used to treat the subject of golf in the 2016 Olympics like a far-off thing. As we watched the bulldozers begin to clear land for the Olympic course, it looked more like Luke Skywalker’s home planet than it did a fitting venue for the world’s best. Many of …

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