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Nov 19

Meeting Dan Halldorson

Dan Halldorson Canadian Star Lost to Stroke I heard a new name today, the name of a professional golfer with which I was not familiar,. Dan Halldorson was, by all accounts, certainly familiar to golf fans all over Canada. Apparently, he had friends everywhere who loved and appreciated him deeply on a personal and competitive …

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Nov 05

Germs on Tour

Germ Risks of Touring Not only are the PGA and LPGA Tours much longer than they used to be, creating the need to think about pacing oneself from week to week, but they go to a lot more exotic places than they used to. Since it’s the Earth, and the human race we’re dealing with …

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Oct 29

Woods Emeritus?

Woods Retiring? Is This the End? Try to imagine, if you will, a picture of Tiger Woods, a little more stooped, and a little more gray, processing slowly along in an academic procession dressed in full doctoral regalia. Go ahead, just try to imagine it. Imagine him trudging to the podium to speak to the …

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Oct 22

China – In or Out?

China Wants to Win, But is Golf Immoral? What’s up with China these days? They usually make themselves and their national personality crystal clear. A strictly communist country with a stock market, doing business, capitalist-style, all over the world – highly competitive, loves beating the West at…absolutely anything. I mean, they love it. So, once …

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Oct 06

Golf and the Camera

Camera Clicking At Golf Events The upcoming Presidents Cup offers us yet one more chance to see some match play before the year ends entirely. Match play has a feel all of its own. It’s up front and personal, involves small teams compared to large fields, and offers a special brand of bragging rights to …

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Sep 29

A New Big Three?

Today’s Big Three – Speith, Day, and McIroy Some Important Differences Between Now and the Old Days I started my perusal of the day’s golf news by reading an article suggesting that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are no long sure bets for the Ryder Cup. My first thought was that it was a new …

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Sep 19

Modern Greats-How Good?

Greats – Nicklaus to Spieth and Day-Comparable? As I divided my time between the Solheim competition and the BMW Championship today, I noticed an ad for a wristwatch featuring the great Jack Nicklaus. As he wandered through the annals of golf history’s peaks, much of them by his own making, he surveyed his realm like …

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Sep 10

Physics and Irons

Physics Affect on Irons Collegian Has Interesting Idea We all know that the study of physics is a tough one, unless one is brilliantly inclined to the task. If you don’t have that kind of bent, it’s a nightmare. Although we consider physicists as being generally high-intellect people, there are caveats. Brilliant as they may …

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Sep 03

Grand Slam Cancelled

Winners of Majors Won’t Meet in 2015 Grand Slam The term ‘Grand Slam’ in the game of golf is used with a wide set of variations. The Grand Slam represents, of course, the four modern major tournaments, and there’s been a version of that since Bobby Jones won all four, two of which are today …

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Sep 01

Day Doing a Spieth

Day Winning Like Spieth Fed-Ex Playoffs Changing the Face of Majors? The other day, I said one of the dumbest things I’ve said in recent memory. I made the comment that for the men of the PGA, all the big stuff was over for the year. Spoken like a true antique, someone who has lived …

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