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May 17

Si Woo Kim Calm at Players

Si Woo Kim

21 Year Old South Dorean Si Woo Kim Takes “5th  Major” at Players The Players Championship has taken on the status of what is termed a “5th major.” It doesn’t have the zing of the other four as yet. You have to be old for that. However, it’s a great deal of money if you …

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Jul 02

Trump Still Gets Way

Trump Aims at Ruling Golf When does the weariness factor kick in? When is enough enough? Since no one in the suit and tie end of golf seems to have the guts to tell Donald Trump where to get off, maybe someone holding the clubs will. In taking a second look at the comments directed …

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May 12

Fowler Overrated? Uh-Uh!

Term Does Not Apply to Rickie Fowler It’s around seven months to Christmas, but it’s never too soon to be thinking about it. I know what I want for Christmas this year – I want to be overrated…just like Rickie Fowler. Fans are, of course, notorious for this, fans who have never circled a track, …

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May 07

Matsuyama Tied at Players

Matsuyama New Type of Newcomer Newcomer Maintaining Low Average on Larger Tour It used to be that we could look at a newcomer to the western tours askance – very askance. So what if he won twenty tournaments on the African, Eastern European or Asian tours? That’s just not the same level of competition that …

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