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Dec 20

Brooke Henderson

Brooke Henderson Turning Pro – Celebrating Up North Although one doesn’t think of Canadians behaving in quite the same way one might expect of an Italian or Spaniard, Canada knows how to celebrate with the best of them – a few Winter Olympics medal ceremonies over the years spring to mind. This week, Canadian golf …

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Dec 11

Cheyenne Woods

Welcoming Cheyenne Woods to the LPGA Working hard as she has through her college career, tours in other parts of the world, and most importantly, LPGA’s Q School, I feel a little off calling Cheyenne Woods “the niece of Tiger Woods.” Cheyenne has persevered, and finally got into the game for real this week by …

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Oct 26

Lee-Anne Pace Leads Blue Bay

Lee-Anne Pace Unlikely Leader at Suspended Blue Bay If Only It Would Stop Raining We’ve come up to the final round of the Blue Bay in Hainan, China, and the weekend was set up for a perfect finish – and then, the rains came, and the event was halted in its tracks. Looking at the …

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Dec 12

Homegrown Stars in Q School

  Potential New American Stars for the LPGA   The other day, I met yet another person who bemoaned the fact that, in his mind, fewer and fewer of the game’s luminaries are American, and that if things kept going the way they are, the United States would lose ownership of the LPGA. When I …

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Sep 25

Young Golf – When to Turn Pro?

Young Golfers – When to Turn Pro Young prodigies aren’t all the same. When I look for new names and faces in the Q schools of the various tours, I inevitably find that there are a couple of types.  Most throw themselves into the fire of general competition to “see how they do.” This applies …

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Aug 29

LPGA Youth is Heating Up

Move Over All You LPGA Veterans The Youth Have Arrived! We’re already into the Safeway Classic this week, down in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. That’s always a good thing. There are still some observations to make, however, from last week and Lydia Ko’s surprising second win at the Canadian Open. I once thought that …

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