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Sep 13

Verchenova -New Look to Game

Russian Golfer Verchenova Bringing Back the Old World Did anyone notice that a Russian woman finished tied for 16th in the golf events at Rio? Whether we did or not, a lot of Russians did, and even though Maria Verchenova was late arriving back in Moscow, a group of star-struck children were waiting faithfully for …

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Aug 20

Two Worlds Win Golf Medals

UK and South Korea Win Gold Now that the golf portion of the Olympic Games is in the rear view mirror, I can backtrack a little on all my doubt that it would ever happen. I also doubted that it would happen with good people, and I doubted that the game would ever be invited …

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Aug 13

Rose Strikes First in Rio

Rose Takes Gold In Rio Britain Looking Good So Far Golf has, at last, has begun at the Rio Olympics, and so far, so good. Not one player has been eaten alive at the ponds, pounced on from a tree, stung by anything other than the normal types of airborne critters, or robbed at gunpoint …

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Jun 28

Olympic Golf Needs Adjustment

New Format Might Help For months, we followed the building of the Olympic golf course in Rio, wondering whether it would be finished in time through all manner of controversy. At that time, most of us didn’t really see the other problems coming. Political upheaval, a spreading virus, security concerns and high street crime have …

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Jun 21

Olympic Crime Rising

Athletes Feel Imperiled Obviously, the Olympic Games, summer or winter, is the perfect venue for local or international trouble. The Games are covered in every detail by the media, and all or most of the nations are gathered through their representative athletes. For every ten thousand or so individuals who rejoice in the international camaraderie, …

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Jun 14

Henderson Here to Stay

Wins First Major in Second Year A lot of us sensed that this was coming a year ago or more.  It’s not an easy thing to sense. because the game of women’s golf is filled to the brim with talents from all over the world. Who can tell which one will have staying power? The …

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May 28

Does Zika Change Things?

Golfers Watching and Waiting Zika Situation I was going to begin my thoughts today by telling Ariya Jutanugarn that enough is enough, and this total dominance thing isn’t funny anymore. But now, I want to ask her how she feels about going to the Olympics as one who has her game on fire, given the …

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Jan 26

Olympic Golf and Parity

Olympic Golf Almost Anyone Could Win Gold Most of the governing bodies of team sports around the world have come around to the idea of parity, in one form or another, some mechanism by which all participating teams have a shot at landing the talent with which to succeed. Football, basketball, baseball, they’re all doing …

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Mar 28

Rio Olympic Golf Update

Course May Make Make It After All In the past year or two, I’ve checked the latest progress on the difficulty-plagued golf course being designed and grown for the Rio games in 2016 at least three times. There’s a lot at stake in terms of national pride. The game of golf hasn’t been seen in …

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Nov 29

Rio Olympic Golf

The Continuing Saga of Rio Olympic Golf I touch base with the 2016 Olympics from time to time, largely out of necessity, because we really don’t know yet if Olympic golf is going to cross the finish line in time for the games. When we first looked in on Olympic progress, the course was a …

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