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Oct 08

Good Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup Good for USA, but in Unexpected Ways, Good For Everyone I remember being present at a general faculty meeting when a college president jokingly remarked that he placed no importance at all on rankings, or “winning” – unless, of course, the college had just jumped up twenty spots, or won something outright – …

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Sep 17

Go Easy on the Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup Wars Nicklaus Goes Against Usual Thinking It’s Ryder Cup time again, and the testosterone is flowing in the streets on both sides of the continent. It is a natural component for all athletic competitors to include winning as a prerequisite for doing. We play everything to win, and in most cases, would meet …

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Nov 17

Italy Wants Ryder Cup

Italy Wants Ryder Cup

Italy for 2022 Ryder Cup? Italy Just Getting Hooked on Golf There’s a new bidder on the horizon for the much-awaited 2022 Ryder Cup, and it’s not one you would expect. Yes, considering the passion that Europeans have for the game of golf, two or three events away is still much-awaited, and the maneuvering for …

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Feb 25

Downton Abbey and the PGA

PGA Similarities in Place to Downton Abbey In a contradiction of old and worn out stereotypes, the women of the LPGA are beginning their season, as they did the last one, focused on competitive golf, without a lot of side entertainment. They’re not boohooing over literal or figurative hangnails, mental breakdowns, team captain crises, or …

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Oct 14

Ryder Cup ‘Task Force’

Tom Watson Ryder Cup

  Ryder Cup ‘Task Force’ – A Bit Overdone?       It was announced today that a task force would be assembled to analyze and eliminate whatever reasons can be found for the poor showing of the U.S. in recent Ryder Cup competitions, the premier golf competition between the two continents. That’s fine – …

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Oct 04

More Ryder Fall-out

  More Ryder Fall-out, and Stacy in Perfect Position     I usually, and sometimes mistakenly, think of men’s and women’s golf as two distinctly separate identities. However, as each new tid-bit comes out over the shipwreck that is the 2014 American Ryder Cup team and its lamentable showing in Scotland, I’m beginning to see …

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Sep 27



    See the World at the ISPS Handa       After one or two days of fretting over the Ryder Cup, not so much the winning or losing part, but the general tension and chest beating from both sides of the Atlantic, I chanced upon another event being played this week. They’re holding …

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Sep 25

Oliver Brown Hair Scare

Rickie Fowler Hair

Get Oliver Brown a Sedative – It’s Just Hair It’s tough sometimes to come up with something to talk about when you write about golf. We don’t really have anything to do with the game, but we do have the job of instigating and sustaining interesting and, hopefully, enjoyable conversation about the golf and all …

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Sep 23

Ryder Cup Personalities

Personal Dynamics and the Ryder Cup May Come Down to Who Gets Along What a long way we’ve come since the first days of the Ryder Cup so many decades ago, a competition which was originally intended to be a British/Irish versus the United States affair. Few people know it, but Samuel Ryder was a …

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Sep 06

Phil Mickelson Withdraws from BMW

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson Calling It Quits for a While We won’t be seeing too much of Phil Mickelson for a while, until the Ryder Cup and maybe a little tune-up here and there. As promised, he showed up to the BMW this week, didn’t like his first round of 76, and backed out, lacking the mechanism …

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