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Oct 22

Eun-Hee-Ji, Swinging Skirts and Questions

Eun Hee-Ji Wins the Taiwan Swinging Skirts – Related Stories and Questions As the LPGA continues its ‘swing’ through Asia, I’m wondering where previously unknown greatness comes from, whether there’s more to come in some players, and what happened to yesterday’s stars. Eun-Hee-Ji won the Taiwan version of the LPGA Swinging Skirts Championship this week. I’ve …

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May 28

Does a Great Finisher Have an Edge?

Finishing At The Top Often Seems to Produce an Edge Do You Shoot Your 65 Early, or Are You a Finisher? I’ve said it many times – predicting the outcome of golf tournaments is just as frustrating and slippery as handicapping horse races. The slightest change in the universe, and the results are permanently altered. …

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Feb 18

Final Round of Women’s Australian Open

Women's Australian Open

Women’s Australian Open Tight Race Tight Bunch from All Over in Contention I fell for it again this year. I always say I won’t, but I do. When the LPGA’s golf year begins, it spends its first months in tropical climes waiting for the snow to melt elsewhere. The women of the LPGA are either …

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Jul 23

Meijer Classic

Familiar Faces and Newcomers on Top at the Meijer Classic With all the furor over one of the strangest British Opens in history, it’s a nice change to go back to the furor of the LPGA, which is bit more of an organized type than what we saw last week. There’s no telling who will …

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Jan 28

Pure Silk Goes to Korda

Jessica Korda

Pure Silk Goes to Korda – On to Australia Last week, everything was perfect, and that isn’t speaking just for the LPGA golfers who played on Paradise Island on the shores of Nassau – it’s speaking for me. One week ago, I was sitting on a beach looking at the course for the Pure Silk …

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Jan 24

Pure Silk – Round 3 Goes Through Jessica

Jessica Korda

  Jessica Korda Birdies to the Lead at the Pure Silk LPGA Classic     The first thing that emerged in the first round of the Pure Silk LPGA Classic was a dominating bloc of American players at the top, but that’s happened before, usually to evaporate before the weekend is over. I expect that …

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Sep 02

What I Saw at the Safeway Classic

Suzanne Pettersen

The Safeway Classic 2013 I got to see the vast majority of great female golfers yesterday at Columbia Edgewater in Portland, Oregon, and although I’m not wise in the technical details of great golf, I did come away with some deep impressions, some humorous, some thought-provoking and almost all of an abstract nature – and, …

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Aug 31

Three LPGA Stars

Stacy Lewis

Three LPGA Stars I Hope to Meet…Tomorrow I love the Safeway Classic. It’s played in my town, on the banks of my river in my state. It’s not something that I would ordinarily miss, but I have been absent for the first three rounds this year – not so tomorrow, though. There are some people …

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