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Sep 03

Stacy Lewis Wins in Portland

Stacy Lwis

The Heroics of Texas Continue in Oregon as Stacy Lewis Donates Winnings The LPGA tournament that takes place every year in my hometown came around again this week, and this year, everything is a little more special than usual. For one thing, I don’t get to see my hometown very often anymore. Secondly, I’m almost …

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Jan 28

Great Players, New Attitude in Bahamas

I love this part of the year. The women actually start playing again this week, but after year after year of watching the start of the golf season, I am not doing the “same game, same faces” thing. That’s one of the beauties of golf. It’s never the same, and ven if the faces are …

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Aug 27

Stacy Lewis and Second

Stacy Lewis Sick and Tired of It All of the big stuff has gone away for the men over on the PGA, until next year. The women are pressing on, however, this week in Alabama. What about Alabama should make us think about golf? Isn’t it hot, humid, and aren’t the great southern courses in …

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Mar 08

Park Wins Three-Way Battle in Singapore

Inbee Park

  Park Wins HSBC Women’s Champions in Singapore     The three premier female golfers on Earth spent their Sunday together. It was Inbee Park who emerged victorious at the HSBC Women’s Champions in Singapore with a virtuoso performance. Park closed with a 2-under par 70 at Sentosa Golf Club to finish the 72 holes …

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Feb 14

Golf Digest’s Thing With Pauline Gretzky

The Perils of Pauline – What is Golf Digest Thinking? I’ve been following the Golf Digest scandal for a little while now, with the edition containing the Pauline Gretzky cover coming out. Until now, my interest was peripheral, but I began to wonder exactly what it is that Pauline Gretzky does for a living that …

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Jan 29

Rookie Leads LPGA Opener

Ha Na Jang

Ha Na Jang Surprises Veterans in Cold Start   This week marks the first time in a decade and a half that the LPGA Tour has started its season on the North American continent. The LPGA might have tempted fate by doing so. One or two things about the 2015 inaugural Coates Golf Championship weren’t …

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Oct 03

Stacy Lewis and China

Stacy Lewis and China

  Stacy Lewis and China – One Year Later     I can’t tell if anything has changed in Chinese golf with one year in which to mature, but Stacy Lewis has been proactive in whatever she feels is lacking in the golfing environment there – she’s taken the lead, and isn’t giving it back. …

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Jun 26

Pig Sooie!

Stacy Lewis

Walmart NW Arkansas Follows Open-Pig Sooie! For those of us who were immersed in last week’s US Women’s Open, this is going to be a different week altogether. Pity the poor venue that has to host the next LPGA event after a major, especially after that one. But Arkansas is stepping proudly up to do …

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May 31

Golf – Easygoing game? Ha!

Stacy Lewis

Golf Not such a Relaxing Game The next time someone invites you out for a nice, relaxed game of golf, don’t be fooled. It may be relaxing for your mind, depending on how competitive you are at the core, but for the body, it might be a different story. If you’re a weekender, you might …

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May 30

What’s in a Name? LPGA Championship

Women’s Major to become PGA Collaboration I’m fairly resigned to change in the world. It’s the only guarantee we get in life, that whatever is the case will eventually cease to be the case – everything will change. I don’t mind it so much if I’ve been given the chance to get comfortable with the …

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