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Mar 14

Tiger Suspended? Wait a Minute

tiger suspended

Tiger’s Suspension Fake News Maybe Sounded A Lot More Dire Than It Probably Is Today, It got a superb lesson in reading news bulletins coming out of the PGA. In this world of increasing misinformation, we are seeing more than news that is simply either true or not true. There is also hyperbolic news, incomplete …

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Jun 18

The Next Tiger? Nope

Candidates Vying to Become Tiger Wood’s Heir are Faltering Maybe it’s because this generation and mine grew increasingly fond of immediate gratification. Mine lived through the era of the big three in golf, and were loathe to give it up. Such was its power that we searched high and low for the heir apparent. Then …

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Dec 03

Woods Family Back to Drawing Board

Woods Family Back to Drawing Board

Woods Family – Cheyenne and Tiger For everything there is a season. At least what they tell me when I become impatient or discouraged over skills that have either gone away forever, or have temporarily deserted me. Fighting the good fight in any competitive industry has to be done, but it can sure wear you …

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Nov 01

Caddie Tell-All

Tiger’s Caddie Tells All Everybody Get a Life! It was only a matter of time. People who work for important people love to get the story and the complaints off their chest sooner or later. High-priced caddie Steve Williams, who once carried the bag and some of the brains for Tiger Woods, has released his …

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Oct 29

Woods Emeritus?

Tiger Woods and His Very Good Week

Woods Retiring? Is This the End? Try to imagine, if you will, a picture of Tiger Woods, a little more stooped, and a little more gray, processing slowly along in an academic procession dressed in full doctoral regalia. Go ahead, just try to imagine it. Imagine him trudging to the podium to speak to the …

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Jul 18

Open Becomes Disaster Area

Winds at the Open Cause a Disaster Winds Become Unmanageable I once walked in a 90 mile per hour wind, and wondered if I could get off the ground by stretching my coat out – what a stupid idea. Fortunately, I couldn’t quite do it. The winds at St. Andrews might not have reached the …

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Jun 06

Tiger Slips in Recovery

Tiger Shoots 85 at Memorial Zac Blair had a great day today, in fact, one of the best in his life. He got to play with his idol, Tiger Woods, in the third round of the Memorial. Blair was a ten-year old kid when he watched Tiger win the PGA at Valhalla, and that was …

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Feb 05

Tiger and the Yips

Tiger Yips

  Experts Split on When and If Tiger Will Come Back     For a golfer, being told that one has a case of the “yips” may be a little like the rest of us receiving a cancer diagnosis, professionally, at least. A million questions ensue – is it a serious case? Is it “putting” …

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Jan 20

Golf and Peyton Place

Golf and Peyton Place – Not Always So Different I loved the decorum of golf a few decades ago. A gentleman’s code was adopted for the PGA. While some call that sort of thing “fake,” because humans aren’t really all that courteous, generous or unselfish, I enjoyed it as an attempt to live life the …

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Dec 09

Padraig Harrington – Where Have You Been?

Padraig Harrington – Next win? You know, golf in Ireland, Republic or North, wasn’t always about Rory or Graeme. And, it was always a good place to look for a rival to Tiger, giving the press something to fuss and agonize about – small country, many fine golfers, plays up the West versus East thing. …

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