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Jun 30

Grand Slam Fever

Here We Go Again – Another Grand Slam?   The golf year has reached its halfway point, and as usual, did not disappoint. We even have a little bit of the elixir that comes around every few years, but not so much lately – the expectation that someone within the PGA field can win golf’s …

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Jun 09

Brandel Chamblee – Conversationalist?

Brandel Chamblee -Controversial Commentator Pontificates, Doesn’t “Discuss” As I follow the stream of commentary and analysis of the golf world through the years, I find myself in a dilemma when it comes to former pro Brandel Chamblee, who inserts his opinions on absolutely anything and everything that happens in the world of elite golf. Brandel …

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Jun 04

Cheyenne Wood’s Record

Cheyenne Wood – Share of Course Record at Manulife I’ve been waiting for a while now to see how Cheyenne Woods, the niece of Tiger Woods, pans out. When she came out of Wake Forest, I was impressed, but thought that she needed to get the scoring average down quicker than she was. It was …

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Apr 11

Is This Spieth’s Masters?

Twenty-Two Year Old Spieth Leads into Sunday I was interested in an article published today that may or may not have fallen for the oldest trick in the book – assuming that a person who heads into the final round of the Masters with a lead of a few strokes is a shoe-in to take …

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Apr 09

Learn from the Masters

The Masters Playing at the Masters Thoughts about the Generations Playing Together  It was James Agee who wrote the text to “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men,” and although he was researching a poor cross-section of the American population, and how they toiled in a difficult existence, the phrase works for many situations, even professional …

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Apr 03

Tiger and Lydia – Breakthrough Week?

 Augusta – Tiger and ANA – Lydia This Week In the world of quantum physics golf, seemingly impossible to pin down, the greatest male player of his generation has fallen out of the top 100, and the new female sensation has become her tour’s number one before her eighteenth birthday. I doubt many of us …

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Feb 25

Downton Abbey and the PGA

PGA Similarities in Place to Downton Abbey In a contradiction of old and worn out stereotypes, the women of the LPGA are beginning their season, as they did the last one, focused on competitive golf, without a lot of side entertainment. They’re not boohooing over literal or figurative hangnails, mental breakdowns, team captain crises, or …

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Dec 02

Tiger’s Back

Tiger’s Back – Will He Ever Be “Crazy Good” Again? Watch Tiger at the 18 Man Hero Challenge All right, whatever Tiger Woods has done to repair whatever is wrong in the physical, mentalize away whatever is bugging him in the mind, and retooling the swing that won a blizzard of tournaments in his early …

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Nov 22

Dan Jenkins

Dan Jenkins Fails Himself as a Sportswriter Fake Interview of Tiger Weak Work I once tried to convince an attorney that an individual’s good name could be considered as part of one’s “goods” regarding the fourth amendment of the Constitution for purposes of search and seizure. I was informed that although it was a somewhat …

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Aug 16

Lizette Salas Taking No Chances With Back

Treats Back Problems Seriously, Carefully Lizette Salas has reached the fourth round of the Wegmans LPGA, and is still able to get up in the morning to go out and play golf. In fact, two of her last three rounds have been pretty good, all things considered. A short time ago, she bent to pick …

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