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Jan 23

Climate Change Shows Golf No Respect

Climate Change is Endangering Golf Courses, both Pedigreed and Munis My opinions on the reality of climate change are immaterial to the discussion, because I don’t know the details of the science. However, we don’t need to be rocket scientists to know that something is happening, and that we are in the way. Whatever sort …

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Sep 27

Coco Beach, Puerto Rico – What’s the Deal?

American President in Center of Golf Bankruptcy Storm over a Trump Course – Now Coco Beach It confuses me as to why this is so, but with all the troubles brewing in the world, regardless of fault, talking about sports and players of sports seems to be a favorite pastime of the American government. However, …

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Jul 11

Trump and the USGA – Politics

President and Golf Mogul Threatened to Sue USGA Apparently, it is a feature of the American system that suing the President of the United States for any reason is off limits. There might be a problem with him being busy elsewhere. It could range from a photo-op with the Miss Universe Pageant, or a sudden …

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Oct 25

Pitching, Putting, Politics

Politics Influence Women’s Golf An Update on Moving the Women’s U.S. Open I thought that we were done with this subject the last time  I commented on it. It’s really only worth one page of commentary, not two, but as things seem to do in an American election year, the story has evolved, at least …

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Sep 03

Grand Slam Cancelled

Winners of Majors Won’t Meet in 2015 Grand Slam The term ‘Grand Slam’ in the game of golf is used with a wide set of variations. The Grand Slam represents, of course, the four modern major tournaments, and there’s been a version of that since Bobby Jones won all four, two of which are today …

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Jul 30

Interesting Day at Open

The Open at Turnberry

Women’s Open Off and Running on Unusual Day The Women’s British Open will have to go a little ways to match the quirkiness and unpredictable turns of events that the men’s version offered, but they’ve made a good start. In terms of golf and predicting a winner, don’t even bother with it until sometime around …

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Jul 02

Trump Still Gets Way

Trump Aims at Ruling Golf When does the weariness factor kick in? When is enough enough? Since no one in the suit and tie end of golf seems to have the guts to tell Donald Trump where to get off, maybe someone holding the clubs will. In taking a second look at the comments directed …

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Mar 08

Blue Monster Winning at Doral

Doral Blue Monster Fair Test? Donald Trump just had the famous TPC course refurbished in Doral, Florida, hiring noted course architect Gil Hanse to do the job. The course was already daunting, but admittedly needed the facelift, but I’ve got to wonder if Mr. Trump played the course after the operation, and if so, what …

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