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Sep 06

Coping with the Slump

When talent takes a holiday and hits a slump, what should a golfer do? When it comes to a golf slump, I’m not really the right person for making comments. My game, compared to some, looks like a slump in its default position, one that occasionally gets better, then settles back into the same old …

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Aug 29

Pesticides Making Courses Look Great

Do We Need to Change our View of Landscape Beauty Because of Pesticides? There we were at the Canadian Pacific, finishing up Saturday’s round – and there was Michelle Wie – and suddenly, there she wasn’t. Lamentably, Wie missed the fourth round, and ended up in Ottawa having an emergency appendectomy. We wish her a …

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Dec 10

Lexi Thompson’s Statement at Shootout

Lexi Thompson Collaborates with Bryson de Chambeau to Create Some Golf Fireworks Does everyone remember when Michelle Wie got thrown into a men’s tournament all those years ago, when she was still no more than a teen? What an awful thing that was, to put her up to that for the bucks and the ratings. …

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Apr 02

Wie Sneaking Up at ANA

Wie Looks Healthy for First Time in a While It’s been a long road for Michelle Wie to get herself ready for international competition again. Or, perhaps, it’s been a series of difficult short roads An injury here, an injury there, and the clock rolls by while she recuperates. Only a few months ago in …

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Jan 19

Anonymous Golf Critics

Golf Critics SAY ANYTHING BY REMAINING ANONYMOUS I read an article yesterday on a round of golf Michelle Wie played that I don’t believe was part of any sanctioned event. It was a fun read about how Wie scored her umpteenth ace then holed our on 18 for a fun round. Fun – that was …

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Oct 08

Who’s Who at Sime Darby LPGA

Sime Darby LPGA Attracts All the Big LPGA Stars Back to the Beginning of the LPGA Season It’s a never-ending cycle. Just as soon as you let your guard down at the end of the LPGA year, it starts up again. What fools us is that it starts up in Asia, in places that we …

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Jul 11

U.S. Women’s – The Back Nine

Back Nine Crucial Holes for Tomorrow’s Position Several major personalities have found their way into the upper echelons of the U.S. Women’s Open. They are the sorts of personalities that are bound to, and should, appear about now. They all have game, but every human has a unique mentality, way of thinking, and pattern of …

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Jul 09

Women’s Open – Webb and Alex

Karrie Webb and Second Year Player Marina Alex Share Lead Marina Alex swears up and down that she is comfortable with this arrangement. It’s an enviable one, sharing the lead of the U.S. Women’s Open following action on the first day. Bearing in mind that almost everyone is a kid to me, I am both …

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Apr 16

Disqualified from LPGA Play

LPGA Rules for Disqualification Lots to Remember Over the years, we’ve all seen a host of disqualifications from both the men’s and women’s tours, some of them over seemingly nothing when looking at the small picture. In retrospect, there’s so much to be said for rule uniformity, and both tours have remained rabid on adherence, …

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Jan 22

Repetitive Action -Play or Rest?

Lydia Ko

Rest, Healing, and Playing Through the Pain Through the years, we’ve heard it in almost every walk of life that employs repetitive action, concentration, and/or high impact collisions – suck it up…play through the pain. We glorified NFL players who returned to the game with broken ribs and trained at the local bar. We’ve applauded …

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