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Sep 06

Coping with the Slump

When talent takes a holiday and hits a slump, what should a golfer do? When it comes to a golf slump, I’m not really the right person for making comments. My game, compared to some, looks like a slump in its default position, one that occasionally gets better, then settles back into the same old …

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Aug 08

Yani Tseng is Still Here

Tseng Still Appearing on Leader Boards, Despite Not Winning It’s time to drag out the old psychologist’s couch again. It’s not for Tiger, Rory, or any number of male golfing mysteries this time. It’s for Yani Tseng, who until a few years ago was the Queen of everything available for such a title in women’s …

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Jun 07

International Crown This Summer – Big Deal?

International Crown What Is It?   Maybe it’s because we are so ingrained into the four-day, stroke play, win-it-all on Sunday format that currently reigns over all the tours. Humans are slow to catch on to most new ideas, but honestly, we’re only a little over a month away from a new paradigm in the …

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