A Place for Women’s Golf Equipment and A Place for Women to Talk Golf

Dear Golf Enthusiast;
Welcome to my web site Women’s Golf Center. My name is Pat Tate. I grew up in a golfing family (my father was a golf professional) and I worked for many years as a golf distributor and supplier.

As well as being interested in the hard goods (golf clubs, golf bags, carts, etc.) part of the business I was involved was in the design of golf clothing particularly technical weather resistant clothing. The business of women’s golf equipment has been a life long interest of mine.

I hope you will join me as we explore the current world of women’s golf equipment. I don’t think that we who play and work in the golf industry educate the public and particularly women of the importance of the new technology. If you follow televised golf you will often hear the commentators talk about how technology is allowing tour players to hit longer, straighter shots. Even if we are not tour players, we shouldn’t forget that this technology helps us too.

The advances in every category – from golf clubs, hybrids, three wheel push carts and golf balls – all contribute to making golf an easier, more enjoyable experience for all of us.

I hope you will join me as we explore these new features in women’s golf equipment. I invite you to share your stories, your expertise and your concerns. Please join the site by posting your stories, sharing your photos, and taking part in the forum. Ask us any questions you might have and we will try to find answers for you.
I wish you much enjoyment in your golfing endeavors.
Patricia Tate