Lower Your Handicap – Get a Hybrid

A must have for today’s golf is a hybrid or rescue club. This game improvement club is for all levels of golfers.

Since golf began, designers have been working on developing game improvement clubs. The evolution of golf clubs has been driven by the passion of golfers to play better golf. This passion combined with newer technology and materials, has enabled manufacturers to produce better golf equipment. In the 1970’s we had the Cobra Baffler, designed by Thomas L. Crow and the Ginty designed by Stan Thompson. The Baffler had a double rail which was designed to reduce drag during the swing and to increase the lift of the ball. The Ginty took its design features from the shape of a boat hull, hence its keel sole plate. Both were the rescue clubs of the day. Personally, I used the Cobra Baffler for years and found it to be slightly more stable than the Ginty.

Today’s Hybrids have built on the idea of lowering the center of gravity making it easier to get the ball up quickly and higher. The Hybrid golf club as we know it today was an idea of Gary McCord to marry a fairway wood with a long iron. He took this idea to TaylorMade with the result that the TaylorMade Rescue club was born. Since that time this idea has grown into a significant market segment known as the Hybrid clubs.

These types of clubs have many advantages:

•Their design has a lower center of gravity that is further back from the face
•They enable golfers to get the ball in the air more easily with a higher trajectory, hence a softer landing
•They are shorter than the fairway woods making it easier to swing
•The shaft is like an iron shaft which keeps the head from twisting
Most of the major golf companies now have Hybrids as part of their offerings. The 2008 Golf Digest Equipment issue gave gold ratings to the Adams Idea A3/A30S, Cobra Baffler DWS/Pro, Nickent 4DX Ironwood, Nike SQ Sumo/ SQ Sumo2, Ping G10 (not available in women’s model), and TaylorMade Burner Rescue. Several of these companies like Adams and Nickent have made complete sets of these clubs.

The Golf Professionals at the golf resort I visited this winter told me that the Cobra Hybrids were their best sellers. At the demo day I attended I also was impressed with the TaylorMade fitting system that allows you to mix shafts and heads until you get the combinations that feel best for you.

If you have not tried these wonderful clubs and you want to improve your game you must put acquiring one or more on your to do list this year. For women golfers I am told the only irons you need are 7 through wedge. Replacing your other irons with these easy to hit Hybrids is the way to go.

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