Women’s Golf Clothes

Improved Women’s Golf Apparel Apparent On The Course

Take a look at the players on the LPGA tour and you will see how much women’s golf fashion has changed. Women are no longer restricted to wearing frumpy polo shirts and pleated khaki shorts on the course. Women’s golf apparel has become more fashion-forward, more versatile, and more technologically advanced.

These trends in women’s golf apparel are motivated by two factors—younger women are one of the fastest-growing golf populations, and women want more versatility out of their clothes. The younger women heading to the golf course want to look good. While some young women golfers such as Morgan Pressel, Natalie Gulbis, and Paula Creamer are at the head of the fashion runway on the LPGA, the new crop of women golfers are just as likely to take their fashion cues from young Hollywood. So the pressure was on designers to give these women clothing options that appealed to their fashion sense. The fashion decisions of Pressel, Gulbis, and Creamer, among others, have inspired the apparel options that are now available.

Today there are more companies than ever designing apparel for women golfers. Companies such as Titania Golf, Bette & Court, Tracey Lynn, and Lily’s of Beverly Hills are designing clothes that women actually want to wear on the golf course. The designs are more fitted and flattering than designs of the past. Fabric designs range from a rainbow of solid colors to bold patterns. There are new designs to suit everyone’s personal tastes.

The variety of choices changes constantly as designers introduce new lines each season. Options for bottoms include everything from shorts and skorts to various lengths and fits of trousers. Shirts run from sweaters to sleeveless tops and collared shirts, and everything in between.

The design companies have responded to the needs of women golfers with golf outfits that are not only appealing, but they also have more functionality than golf outfits of the past. Today’s golf apparel isn’t just for the golf course. The apparel is designed in such a way that it can cross over into a woman’s everyday wardrobe. Women can wear these outfits both on and off the course. Some outfits would even be appropriate for a “casual Friday” at work. This flexibility also runs the other way. Women can wear their everyday clothes to the golf course. Such versatility also means that women no longer have to shop for their golf outfits exclusively at golf shops.

Because golf apparel and everyday clothes are now so interchangeable, women can buy their golf outfits at a golf pro shop or at the mall. Golf-specific clothing designers may not be available at department stores, but department stores do carry comparable shorts, capris, and pants, as well as fashionable shirts with sleeves or collars.

Although golf apparel from designers and clothing from the mall may look the same, there is one benefit to choosing apparel from a golf-specific designer. Clothing from these designers is made with high-tech fabric. This fabric can be water-resistant and may have self-wicking technology. These advances in fabric options help women golfers stay drier and more comfortable on the course.

Golf apparel for women has come a long way in a short period of time. As new golf apparel designers emerge and already-established designers continue to evolve their clothing lines, women golfers can expect even more options. With the incredible number of choices for outfits, women can no longer use the excuse “I have nothing to wear” to keep them off the course.

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