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A Golf Lesson: Teaching Professionals Can Help Improve Your Game

Whether you’re just picking up your first club or you’re boasting the lowest handicap of your golfing years, women golfers have much to gain from lessons with a teaching professional. The key is to find a teaching professional who can teach to your current level of ability and teach you what you need to know to get to the next level.

Practicing on the driving range is always the best way to improve, but you have to be practicing correctly. If you practice over and over on the range but your swing is flawed, you can’t expect different results when you take that same swing on the course. Working with a teaching professional can help fix or maintain your swing and improve your game.

When you are just learning the game, it is important to learn the correct fundamentals of the golf swing. A teaching professional can show you the right and wrong ways to swing. You don’t want to begin your golf career with an incorrect swing—it will only be harder to correct later. As a beginner, you may not even know you are swinging incorrectly. A teaching professional can get you started with the correct posture, swing, and follow-through. If your budget and schedule allow, try to schedule weekly lessons until you are comfortable with your swing.

If you start to have swing issues, no matter how long you’ve been playing the game, you’ll also want to consult with a teaching professional. They can observe your swing and offer minor (or major) adjustments. A teaching professional can also be used if your swing is fine but you want to learn how to shape shots. Learning the correct swing path and club position for a consistent, controllable fade or draw can be a powerful tool in your golf bag. Sand play and shots from uneven terrain are other areas of your game that can be improved with lessons.

There are a variety of lesson sessions offered, and your lessons don’t have to be restricted to the driving range. Many professionals offer on-course lessons, where they play a few holes or a whole round with you. Being on-course also allows the teaching professional to offer you course management tips in addition to swing advice. A video lesson will enable you to watch your swing and see where you need to improve. Lessons don’t have to be a solitary event, either. You can get a bunch of friends together and book a group lesson.

Finding an effective teaching professional requires not only finding a professional whose skills and expertise match your swing needs but also finding one whose personality matches yours. The best place to begin your search is to talk with your playing partners to see if they have any recommendations. Also check to see if any teaching professionals work through your local golf course. If you can’t find a suitable candidate through these channels, there are many Web sites, such as Find a Lesson, that offer listing services for teaching professionals. The Find a Lesson Web site will provide you with a list of teaching professionals in your geographic area, their contact information, their rates, the types of lessons offered (individual, group, clinic, video, on-course), their credentials and affiliations, and if available, their “Teaching Method” in their own words.

Before you actually book a lesson, be sure to check any prospective teaching professional’s credentials. There are certification programs for teaching professionals, with the PGA certification being the most well-known. Make sure they are certified or affiliated with at least one program. Also ask them for references before booking a lesson. Any teaching professional worth his or her swing tips will gladly send you in the direction of satisfied students.

Keep in mind that the first teaching professional you book may not work out. Perhaps they don’t have the skills for your level of expertise, or maybe you just don’t click. Whatever the reason, don’t be afraid to move on if the first lesson doesn’t work out the way you expected. It doesn’t make sense to stick with someone who can’t help you in the ways you need.

Once you’ve found a teaching professional who works well with you, give your game a boost and book some lessons. A great teaching professional can be the guide you are looking for to take your game to the next level.

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