New Kid in Town: Golf World Gets Tebowed!

Like so much of America, I’ve been bitten by the Tim Tebow bug, especially with the New England Patriots lying in wait for the surprising Broncos this weekend. I like the guy, and I have no reason to rip on him for any reason. Not everything demands a moralistic response. Things are often just what they are, and it’s an exciting story by a special athlete who seems like a nice guy – and I’m a maniac for underdogs.

That, however, is spoken in context of a football season that will end soon. I never thought we’d have to encounter the bigger picture, as the enigmatic Tim Tebow breaks out of the football dimension and storms into the golf world, scarcely after he’s removed his helmet from the final Sunday, whenever that comes.

Was I the last person to hear that Tebow might play in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am in February? That alone was a shocker. I didn’t know he played golf at all, but apparently…well, he does. The second blow was hearing that he might be paired with Tiger. That’s fine with me, but I had to roll my eyes again over human hyperbole, as the powers that be arrange to have the spotless ex-Gator stroll the fairways with the evil Woods – oh, brother.
The Humana Challenge would like to snare Tebow as well for its January event, but will courteously wait to ask him until his present football fortunes are settled.

Then, I learned that Tebow has already appeared in the Honda Classic’s Pro-Am, and hit his first drive over three hundred and fifty yards. Apparently, he’s played with both Phil Mickelson and Jack Nicklaus. Phil thought he was pretty good, and Nicklaus had to be impressed as the young Bronco drove a 339 yd. green, to the back edge.

So, then I see this photograph of Tebow swinging at a golf ball at the St. Jude’s, but swinging wasn’t really the term for it. So much has been said about Tebow’s throwing mechanics that I couldn’t help making the connection to his off-season sport as well. True, Jimmy Stewart was a better visual throwing a rock through the window in It’s a Wonderful Life, but the kid finds a way most of the time. My next thoughts went to Lee Trevino and his less than NASA- perfect swing (what my mother would describe as “killing snakes.”) All right, so Tim marches to his own drummer, just like Lee.

With this photo comes a metaphorical connection to Thor, God of Thunder, and it’s a good analogy. The claim is that Tebow’s swing reaches the 141 mph mark, and it sure does look like it. A list of scientists and golf experts support and debunk the claim. Who cares? The kid drives 339 yd. greens.

Finally I see that the Heisman-winning wunderkind has already held his own golf tournament for the Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic, with a who’s who of sports in attendance as participants.  The Foundation funds First Tee, and is generally directed toward underprivileged, at-risk kids in this country and around the world. Another photo shows Tebow wearing two golf gloves to avoid blisters, which makes perfect sense for a quarterback in the playoffs. But, here we go again, with comparisons to Tommy Gainer, “Two-Gloves Gainer,” as if the guy is some sort of loon.

Underprivileged, at-risk kids was the phrase what stuck in my mind. Why make such a drama over redemption for criminal behavior in the sports world, and then trash a kid coming out of college who expresses himself in a way some don’t, and raises money for at-risk kids? Why such a big deal pairing him with Tiger, oohing and ahhing over two gloves, and swing mechanics. This is one of the interesting stories granted to our era – we got it, so let’s enjoy it.

And one more thing – look at the bowed driver in that photo. He brings that to the Patriot game this weekend, and the Vegas odds-makers are going to change their tune big-time. I think the PGA just got Tebowed.

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