Senior Women’s Golf Tour

The Legends Tour – A Senior Women’s Golf Tour

If you are a fan of women’s golf, you’ll love The Legends Tour.  It is actually one of the tours of the LPGA and features many of the women who made the LPGA what it is today.  The Legends has been around now for 8 years and boasts of over 100 members.  Included in that number are some of the greatest women golfers of all time and you can see them play on The Legends Tour today! 

This tour features 9 World Golf and LPGA Hall of Fame members.  The members of this tour have logged over 600 LPGA wins that include 55 major championships!  These players have played for over $6 Million in Legends prize money and have been responsible for over $5 Million in charitable donations. 

If you aren’t familiar with this tour, I’m sure you’ll be familiar with their names.  Meet the current 103 Legends!

Kristi Albers
Sandra Haynie
Renee Powell
Amy Alcott
Carolyn Hill
JoAnn Prentice
Janet Anderson
Christa Johnson
Cindy Rarick
Laura Baugh
Cathy Johnston-Forbes
Dale Reid
Susie Berning
Marjorie Jones
Laurie Rinker
Myra Blackwelder
Rosie Jones
Lenore Rittenhouse
Jane Blalock
Laurel Kean
Alice Ritzman
Pat Bradley
Kay Kennedy
Patti Rizzo
Mary Bryan
Jan Kleiman
Liz Rowland
JoAnne Carner
Jeannette Kohlhaas
Bobbi Salmon
Dawn Coe-Jones
Deedee Lasker
Barb Scherbak
Jane Crafter
Jenny Lidback
Cindy Schreyer
Elaine Crosby
Sally Little
Nancy Scranton
Dianne Dailey
Nancy Lopez
Laura Shanahan Rowe
Beth Daniel
Marilyn Lovander
Patty Sheehan
Diane Daugherty
Joyce Malison
Debbie Skinner
Alicia Dibos
Carol Mann
Val Skinner
Judy Dickinson
Debbie Massey
Sherrin Smyers
Heather Drew
Missie McGeorge
Beth Solomon
Dale Eggeling
Alice Miller
Muffin Spencer-Devlin
Gloria Ehret
Cindy Miller
Jan Stephenson
Mary Enright
Barb Maxness
Tina Tombs
Sue Ertl
Barb Mucha
Angie Tsai
Michelle Estill
Terry-Jo Myers
Sherri Turner
Cindy Figg-Currier
Martha Nause
Colleen Walker
Marta Figueras-Dotti
Alison Nicholas
Robin Walton
Allison Finney
Mieko Nomura
Lori West
Shirley Furlong
Michiko Okada
Donna White
Jane Geddes
Ayako Okamoto
Barb Whitehead
Cathy Gerring
Anne Marie Palli
Kathy Whitworth
Janice Gibson
Sandra Palmer
Megumi Yamamoto
Maria Alice Gonzalez
Catherine Panton Lewis
Nayoko Yoshikawa
Tammie Green
Diane Patterson
Kathryn Young-Robyn
Shelley Hamlin
Cindy Pietrusik
Mary Beth Zimmerman
Nancy Harvey


Meet The Legends Hall of Famers:

Amy Alcott
Pat Bradley
JoAnne Carner
Beth Daniel
Sandra Haynie
Nancy Lopez
Carol Mann
Patty Sheehan
Kathy Whitworth

Besides the hundreds of local charity events that these women commit to they will still find time to play in the following tournaments of The Legends Tour in 2008:

1.    Duane Reade Charity Classic

a.    June 23, 2008
b.    Ridgewood Country Club, NJ
c.    Featured 6 Hall of Famers
d.    Winners:  Patty Sheehan’s Team
e.    Raised over $350,000 for NYC charities

2.    BJ’s Charity Championship

a.    August 1-3, 2008
b.    Granite Links Golf Course, MA
c.    Winners:  Cindy Figg-Currier and Sherri Turner
d.    Raised over $1.3 Million for BJ’s Charitable Foundation

3.    Wendy’s Charity Challenge

a.    Ausgust 10-11, 2008
b.    Country Club of Jackson, MI
c.    Winner:  Cindy Figg-Currier
d.    Raised over $185,000 for Wendy’s Wonderful Kids

4.    Handa Cup

a.    December 5-6, 2008
b.    Slammer & Squire at World Golf Village, FL
c.    Winner:  coming up!

For more information on The Legends Tour check out their website.

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