Women’s Golf Club Starter Set

A women’s starter set of golf clubs just might help your game take off from that new beginner level. It seems that women are always starting out with a borrowed, rag-tag set of clubs to use until they find out if the game of golf is ‘right for them’.

It’s just not very smart to put a lot of money into a sport that you are not already passionate about. There are too many closets and garages filled with balls, bats, gloves, rackets, exercise equipment, and yes, clubs. However, it might be a good idea to put a small amount of money into a starter set that can be expanded later if you decide you love the game.

There’s a new starter set just out this summer from Square Two Golf (a division of Adams Golf). It’s called the Square Two Selene 3-Piece Learning Kit. It contains a 3-wood, 7-iron, and pitching wedge. Just add a putter and you’re on your way. The clubs come in three lengths for short, medium, or tall women who are right handed, and standard length only for the left-handed women. The retail price is $99. You can view this set at Square Two Golf.

Search the web and compare this price to clubs from other companies. You might want to pay a little more and get a full set right from the beginning, but at least now you know you have options. The advantage of a small set, is that you can concentrate on learning the correct techniques involved in the golf swing without being distracted by the different length, loft, and lie of various clubs. It’s a very good idea to learn to make good contact with one or two clubs before you move on and up.

If you know someone starting out in golf, help them to make the right decisions in the beginning and you may make a golfing friend for life.

I’d love to hear some of your experiences with starter golf sets.

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