Cobra Long Tom Driver Review


Cobra Long Tom Driver Review


Cobra is now under new ownership.  Puma bought Cobra Golf in 2011 and revolutionized the entire line up of golf equipment.  Cobra’s Long Tom Driver has a great look with an all black shaft and club head design.  I tested the 10 degree stiff flex with the stock blackbird shaft.  This club is longer, 48 inches, and lighter, 269g, than most clubs on the market today. The shape of the Long Tom features a deep face and has a triangular shape that reminds me of the old TaylorMade Burner or Titleist 907 D1.  The all black finish looks really sharp.


The Long Tom is one of the most unique clubs on the market and I was really excited to try it, simply because I can’t remember ever
hitting a 48 inch driver.  I struggled with the additional length right from the beginning.  I routinely lost control with the Long Tom and missed a large percentage of shots to the right.  The club makes you feel like you really want to go after the ball.  I felt myself trying to rip it more since a longer club will theoretically produce longer drives.  I did feel as though I was picking up some carry distance with some swings.  However, I sprayed and pushed a number of balls with the Long Tom.  I consistently produced a high launch and ball flight, and even higher on my harder swings.  You really need to keep a smooth tempo and let the club do the work for you.  Overall, it can potentially help players looking for a few extra yards.  Players with a slower swing speed could really benefit from the Long Tom.

The Long Tom is one of the lightest drivers I have hit.  The blackbird shaft weighs in at 50 grams.  Personally, I prefer a slightly heavier club.  I had difficult time feeling where the club was throughout my swing.  The Long Tom felt good through impact.  Off center hits feel good, however, most of my misses went high and right.  In my opinion, the club just felt a little too light for my preference. 

There is a niche for just about every club.  If you want bragging rights about being the longest off the tee with your Saturday group, this is a great club.  There is a reason long drive participants use a 50 inch driver, since the longer club will produce longer shots.  Cobra designed the Cobra Men’s Long Tom Driver with the maximum length allowed by the USGA.  The club has a big potential, and the price tag reflects it at MSRP of $349.  Many players will dig the club, but I won’t be putting in my bag.    

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