Playing From the Wrong Tees

Playing From the Wrong Tees in Match Play

We recently had this question from a follower of Women’s Golf Center
” I am asking a rules question concerning what happened today in the club match play. Both opponents played the wrong tees the entire match with one be the winner. The ‘conditions’ for the match play were given each player (a week prior to this match being played). The conditions were not posted anywhere but a player one-page sheet was given to each player stating the conditions which included the tees from which all play were to be played. Also, all the other players played from the correct tees. What should be done? If anything”

We felt that this was covered by this:
If the wrong form of play is used as a result of a Committee error, the match should be replayed. If the wrong form of play is used unintentionally by players, the match should be replayed; if, however, this would delay the competition, both sides should be disqualified unless one side concedes the match to the other – see Rules 2-4 and 6-1. If the wrong form of play is used intentionally by players, they should be disqualified – Rule 1-3.

In this case we thought the match would be replayed however the committee decided to let the match stand as played. Their decision was:
Match stands as played since it was unintentional and there was no Committee error. If it had been intentional, a breach of Rule 1-3, penalty would be DQ.

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