Grip the Club Correctly

When I work with my students I am a big proponent of setting up to the golf ball correctly. This includes gripping the club correctly. In my last round, I was reminded how important it is to grip the club correctly. My playing partner had a good grip with their left hand, however, had an extremely weak grip with the right hand. The weak grip caused my partner to hit a big slice for the majority of their shots. Normally, I try not to give lessons on the course during a casual round. After watching this for six or seven holes and seeing the frustration build up, I had to make the adjustment with the grip. While my partner did not hit perfect shots the rest of the day, they hit some quality shots, reduced the monster slice and enjoyed the day a little more.

Good Golf Grip

The proper grip is essential to good golf shots. One of the leading causes of a slice is a weak grip. A weak grip will often lead to an open clubface at impact that causes a slice. One way to combat a slice is to take a stronger grip. The stronger grip makes it easier to square the clubface at impact. In addition, a stronger grip could also lead to more distance.

weak Golf Grip

Often, women grip the club with a weaker grip. For a right-handed golfer, a V is formed between your index finger and thumb on both hands. On the left hand, the V will point somewhere between the left shoulder and chin. The V on the right hand will again point somewhere towards the left shoulder and chin. When you look down at the grip in the address position, you will see a maximum of two knuckles on the left hand.

Strong Golf Grip

Grip the club with a stronger grip for more consistent shots. When a right-handed golfer grips a club, a V is formed on the left hand between the index finger and thumb. The V will point towards the right shoulder. The V on the right hand will again point towards the right shoulder. This assures the hands are working together throughout the swing. When you look down at the grip at address, you will see anywhere from three to four knuckles on the left hand.  

The first picture is a fundamentally sound grip.  The second picture features a weak grip.  While a stronger grip will help hit consistent shots, make sure the grip is not too strong, as in the third picture.  The V’s formed on the third picture point to the right of  the right shoulder (for a right handed golfer).  Gripping the club with a grip that is too strong will lead to other problems.

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    This article seems very helpful for the beginner golfers to know how to grip the clubs perfectly. By reading this article a golfer can improve his or her playing style.

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