Off Set Golf Clubs

Offset golf clubs feature the club head set back behind where the shaft and hosel intersect on the golf club. This means the shaft is in front of the club face when you look down at the club. All clubs could potentially be offset, including putters. However, the main objective of an offset club is to help reduce a fade or slice.

Straighten out the ball flight with offset clubs. The club head has more time to rotate which will help square the club face at impact. A square club face will produce straight golf shots. If the club face is open, it will produce a fade or slice. For a right-handed golfer, a fade or slice will produce a left to right ball flight. If the club face is closed, it will produce a draw or hook. For a right-handed golfer, a draw or hook will produce a right to left ball flight. An offset club will not guarantee a fade or slice will be cured, as it simply gives slightly additional time for the club face to square at impact. The technology will help in hitting straighter golf shots.

An additional benefit of using offset clubs is a higher ball flight. The center of gravity is lowered when the club face is set back behind the hosel (where the shaft and club head meet). A lower center of gravity will naturally produce a higher ball flight.

Many golfers benefit by switching to a more forgiving, offset golf club. Offset clubs are available in all drivers, fairway woods, irons and even putters. They are typically known as a game improvement club that will produce a higher ball flight and help straighten out a fade or slice. Irons that are offset typically feature a wider sole and thicker top line on the club head. Both of these features also make the club more forgiving on off center hits.

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