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Submitted by Neil Green on Mon, 07/14/2008 – 09:38.


I have been a CPGA member since 1962, and have played the game of golf for over 58 years

About 2 months ago I purchased a SkyCaddie, and in all honestly I would not enjoy playing without it……..positively don’t wish to……and not sure I could if I had to.

The Sky Caddie is my preference over the Range Finder.  I find the Range Finder extremely difficult to hold steady enough to zero in on the target……..it’s like a tripod is required to make it happen.

With Sky Caddieyou simply register it on line, and then follow the easy prompts and download the course(s) you play (up to 10).  You can remove and replace anytime.  Trust me on how easy this is to accomplish……..as you can figure by my opening sentence, I am a senior…….OK an “old guy”…… and using and downloading is a piece of cake……not to mention how instant your yardages are there for your next shot.

With Sky Caddie rather than hunting for a sprinkler head and then pacing off the yardage to your ball on EVERY shot, by all players in every group……..WOW that is mind boggling!!!

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