Nike VR Pro Combo Iron Review

Golf Pro’s Review of the Nike VR Pro Combo Irons

The Nike VR Pro Combo irons are designed with a progressive cavity in long irons to pure blade in the short irons. The irons utilize a thin top line and thin to medium width sole. The long irons (3 & 4) feature a pocket cavity designed to produce a higher trajectory. The mid irons (5, 6, 7) irons use a cavity design while the short irons (8, 9 & PW) are a pure blade. Obviously, this set is not for everyone.

The club head and face is an average size compared to irons designed for a skilled ball striker. The face in particular utilizes more compact grooves. The chrome appearance looks really attractive. The irons feature sharper edges and a square appearance. A solid ball striker will enjoy the look of the irons. The back of the iron shows the Nike Logo and VR Pro Combo stamped on the back.

nike_procombo I tested the Nike VR Pro Combo irons with an S300 Dynamic Gold sensicore True Temper shaft. Testing produced a dependable iron that allows a player to control the distance, direction and trajectory of the golf ball. The VR irons are only average in the distance department. In fact, compared to the majority of game improvement irons available, they are much shorter in comparison. However, they offer the ability to work the ball. Personally, the irons delivered a ball flight that consistently went straight or produced a slight fade. Additionally, the irons typically produced a mid trajectory with a normal swing. The Nike VR Pro Combo irons were easy to control trajectory, especially the ability to keep the ball down. The Nike irons produce a fantastic result on knock down shots. Unlike many game improvement irons, the ball flight on the VR Pro Combo irons never balloons. The blades feel great around the green providing the ability to dig down in a difficult lie in the rough or a regular lie in the fairway. The long irons were extremely easy to hit and produced a mid flight that went straight with little movement. The long irons with the pocket cavity were much easier to hit then they looked. Nike did a fantastic job designing a progressive iron set that looks good and performs well. In fact, the irons actually exceeded my expectations.

The long irons with the pocket cavity have a completely different feel compared to the blades. The pocket cavity really produces a trampoline effect that significantly reduces vibrations on a well struck golf shot. Toe and heel shots do not dampen vibrations as well. In comparison, the blades feel soft at impact when struck in the sweet spot. Similar to the long irons, off center hits are not very forgiving and feel clunky. The mid irons feel really solid at impact. The irons have a solid weight throughout the set, with a swing weight of D1-D3. Low handicap players should really enjoy the smooth feeling of a well struck golf shot with the Nike VR Pro Combo irons.

The Nike VR Pro Combo irons are not for everyone. Good ball strikers will enjoy the playability of the irons. Many player irons retail upwards of $899 or more, however, the Nike VR Pro Combo irons have an attractive retail price of $699 making them one of the lower priced player irons. The VR Pro Combo irons should change a negative perception some people have regarding Nike irons. In addition, Nike currently has some of the most talented players in the world using Nike golf equipment. The lack of forgiveness makes the VR Pro Combo a realistic option for only a small percentage of golfers. However, combined with an affordable price, great look, feel and solid performance the Nike VR Pro Combo irons are an intriguing choice of irons for a skilled ball striker. With so many positives the Nike VR Pro Combo irons are an excellent choice.

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