Cobra AMP CELL Driver Review

PGA Pro’s Review of the Cobra AMP CELL Driver

Cobra is making the purchase of a driver so much easier with the release of the AMP CELL driver. The AMP CELL is loaded with new technology, highlighted by Cobra’s MyFly Technology that provides the ability to change the setup to six different loft settings. Golfers have the option of selecting an orange, blue, red or silver club head. Once you select the color you prefer, set the loft to fit your individual preference. Lofts can be adjusted between 8.5 and 11.5 degrees. Finally, select the shaft to match your swing speed.

cobra amp cell driver

The club sets up at address square thanks to Cobra’s SmartPad Techology. The SmartPad creates a square face at address regardless of loft setting. In addition, players will have the ability to open or close the club face. Aesthetically, the Amp Cell is designed with a traditional club head design. I tested the silver color driver, which has a black club face with orange grooves. The club looks easy to hit, sets up perfect with several color choices. The appearance of the Cobra AMP CELL driver is really cool.

I tested the Cobra AMP Cell driver in the 9.5 degree loft setting with the stock Fujikura Fuel shaft in stiff flex. While I tested the silver club head, my preferred color choice is the royal blue or dark red club head. Results were better than I expected with the AMP CELL driver. Distance is about average compared to other drivers. The AMP CELL delivered a straight ball flight that typically resulted in a mid to high trajectory.

In addition, I tested a few balls in the 9.5 degree setting with a draw bias. Results were not as consistent, where several shots missed right of the target or created a big sweeping 20-30 yard draw. Ball flight also tended to go slightly higher. Although I was just experimenting, it became much more difficult to control the ball with the draw bias. Overall, the AMP CELL driver is a very easy club to look at and hit. The true test is if I would put the club in my bag, and the answer is absolutely.

The Cobra AMP CELL driver feels nice at address with a D4 swing weight and a 60 gram stock Fujikura Fuel shaft. While the club looks cool and delivers a consistent result, impact creates a firm feel with a softer sound. The ball feels average off the club face, many other drivers feel like the ball jumps off the club face, and the AMP CELL driver does not replicate the trampoline feel off the club face. Regardless, it still provides solid hits.

Historically, Cobra has developed a solid niche for senior and women’s equipment. Since Puma bought Cobra, the products are geared toward golfers of all skill levels and age groups. Therefore, in the past I have not been a big fan of Cobra products for my own game, but now Cobra delivers a solid line up for every age group and ability level. The AMP CELL driver is competitively priced and retails with a standard price tag of $299. How ever if you check you will find a very competitive price of $139.95. In addition, the AMP CELL will attract plenty of attention for it’s fresh look and solid performance.

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