Cobra AMP CELL Pro Review


At first glance, there is no question the Cobra AMP CELL Pro irons are geared toward a low handicap player. Designed from a Rickie Fowler prototype and input from other Tour players, in my opinion, the Cobra Amp Cell Pro Iron is the best looking iron available from Cobra. The thin top line and sole combine to make the AMP CELL Pro a blade style iron. The set transitions from cavity back long irons to muscle back short irons. Additionally, the off set is reduced from the long irons to short irons. An all muscle back design is available as a custom order. The forged iron presents a clean look and lines and looks awesome at address. The AMP CELL Pro is designed with Forged 1020 Carbon Steel and feature the weakest lofts compared to the other irons in the Cobra lineup.

amp-cell-irons-hero_1 I tested the Cobra AMP CELL Pro irons with the stock S300 True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft. Results produced mostly a straight ball flight or a slight draw. In addition, the Cobra Amp Cell Pro Iron produced a consistent mid to high launch. Trajectory is easy to control whether you are searching for a high soft shot or a low piercing shot through the wind. The cavity back long irons offer plenty of forgiveness while the muscle back short irons really allow you to work the ball. Approach shots stop quickly and are easy to hit around the green. They are a fun set of irons to hit around the course. The irons are average in distance but provide the ability to control the distance, direction and trajectory of the ball throughout the golf course.

Although the majority of Cobra’s irons feature a D3 swing weight, the AMP CELL Pro iron feels slightly heavier. Since the irons are designed for better ball strikers, they do not offer the same level of forgiveness as other irons. However, for a blade shape iron, the dual cavity irons feel great and offer forgiveness while the muscle back short irons feel amazing at impact. Overall, they provide great feedback, deliver a really solid hit and the ball jumps off the club face with a smooth sensation.

The Amp Cell Pro has been one of the biggest surprises of the year. The iron sets up great, hits the ball awesome and feels fantastic making the AMP Cell Pro my favorite iron EVER designed by Cobra. Similar to other Cobra products, I was pleasantly surprised with the AMP CELL Pro irons and could very easily put the AMP CELL Pro in my bag. As a fan of the Ping S56, the Cobra AMP CELL Pro irons could be put in a similar classification. At a retail price of $799.99, they are in line or under several other competitors price making them affordable while still performing at a high level. One of my favorite irons tested this year.

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