Cobra Amp Cell Iron Review

PGA Pro’s Review of the Cobra Amp Cell Iron

Cobra created a fantastic looking line of irons, beginning with the AMP CELL. Similar to the other Cobra products, golfers will have their choice of colors, including the stock silver, or custom selection of orange, blue or red. While the iron is a silver color, the cavity of the club head features the unique silver, orange, blue or red color distinction. The AMP CELL technology distributes weight from the club face and body to create a perimeter weighting and positions CG behind the sweet zone. It is easy to distinguish the weighting positioned lower and behind the club face. The AMP cell utilizes a medium width top line and sole. Additionally, Cobra uses a V-Skid Sole design that intends to improve turf interaction. In the address position, all the Cobra irons set up really nice and inspire confidence. Overall, the Cobra AMP CELL iron is a good looking stick that should attract some attention.

AMP-Cell-MyFly-iron-md I tested the stock silver Amp Cell with the True Temper Dynalite 90 shaft in stiff flex. The entire lineup of Cobra irons is a pleasant surprise. The ball jumps off the face and easily produces a straight ball flight. The AMP CELL creates a solid ball flight with the ability to still work the ball and control trajectory, perfect for a player who still wants to hit knock downs throughout the course. The AMP CELL naturally creates a high ball flight. As result, the ball stops quickly on approach shots. Additionally, the distance on the AMP CELL is solid, not the longest iron available, but still longer than the average iron.

The Cobra Amp Cell feels light at address and throughout the swing with a D3 swing weight in steel and D1 in graphite. The Dynalite shaft weighs 90 grams while the MRC Cobra AMP CELL Graphite Shaft weighs less at 55 grams. With a slightly larger than average top line, contact feels very solid and forgiving. It almost feels like there is a larger sweep spot on the AMP CELL. The only knock is they feel a little light for my preference, but a custom shaft option could change the weighting of the irons.

The AMP CELL continues the tradition of quality products at a competitive price. The irons maintain a retail price of $699 for a set of 8 irons in steel or $899 for a set of 8 irons in graphite. The irons look exciting and perform beyond expectations. Cobra should start to develop a following from players of all ages and ability levels.

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