Cobra Amp Forged Iron Review

PGA Pro’s Review of the Cobra Amp Forged Iron Review

Although the Cobra Amp Forged irons are a players club, they instantly grab your attention with a bright orange cavity and attractive appearance. They are actually really flashy, which sets them apart from the majority of players irons. The club head design is very attractive, with smooth lines, thin top line and sole. The club head is slightly larger than the typical forged iron, but appears very forgiving. The AMP, which stands for Advanced Material Placement, is designed to offer playability and forgiveness. The Cobra Mens Amp Forged Irons places tungsten weights and milled pockets and urethane inserts to help offer a great feel on these forged irons.

amp forged iron I tested the Cobra Mens Amp Forged Irons in the stock KBS Tour Plus shaft with a stiff flex. The club proved to be as easier to hit than it looked. I really liked the lower ball flight the AMP Forged irons produced. Trajectory was normally a mid ball flight and easily adjusted to lower trajectory on knock down shots. Shots never ballooned and easily pierce through the wind. Additionally, ball flight was generally straight, yet still allowed the ability to work the ball in both directions. The ball is easily launched out of a tight lie and still versatile around the greens for difficult chips and pitches. The Cobra Amp Forged irons are a great stick with a unique sensation at impact.

The Cobra Mens Amp Forged Irons have a lighter feel, despite their D3 swing weight in longer irons that progressively increases to a D4 swing weight in the short irons. The irons feel great at address and inspire a good swing. The AMP Forged produce a hollow feeling and crisp sound at impact, resulting from Cobra’s Vibration Management System designed to dampen impact through a thermoplastic rubber aluminum medallion and TPR insert, both positioned in the cavity and behind the hitting area. Impact feels good and differs from Cobra’s competitors.

Cobra Golf quietly developed one of the best lineups in the industry and the AMP Forged irons are one of the major contributors to their success. Based on the look, performance and feel, the AMP Forged irons should be a top choice of irons for low and mid handicap players. The Cobra Amp Forged irons are adequately priced and retail for $899 for a set of 8 irons. Additionally, players will appreciate the forgiveness packed into this forged iron.

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