Cobra AMP CELL Hybrid Review

PGA Pro’s Review of the Cobra AMP CELL Hybrid

The Cobra AMP CELL Hybrid features all of Cobra’s proprietary technology molded together to make another solid hybrid. Similar to the driver and fairway, the AMP CELL hybrid combines the MyFly, SmartPad and E9 technology, all designed to make the Amp Cell a top performing hybrid. Continuing the trend of versatility, the AMP CELL hybrid utilizes one club head with six different settings with a choice of four different color club heads. The club head is designed with a 17-4 stainless steel with a 455 high strength steel club face. The SmartPad technology makes the club head sit square at address, however, I felt certain positions were slightly more attractive to my eye. The club head is a traditional shape that looks easy to hit.

AMP-Hybrid I tested the Cobra AMP CELL 3 -4 Hybrid with the stock MRC Cobra AMP CELL Graphite Shaft in stiff flex. The shaft weighs 58 grams with a mid kick point and mid torque designed to produce a mid to high ball flight. The Cobra Amp Cell offers adjustable features from 19 degrees to 22 degrees. Testing was conducted in the regular 19 degree and 22 degree positions.

The 19 degree produced inconsistent results. Trajectory was generally a mid ball flight with average distance. In addition, ball flight typically produced a fade on every shot. Results consistently missed to the right of my target. Although the club felt really solid, I was not very impressed.

Then I tested the Cobra AMP CELL Hybrid in the 22 degree position. The 4 hybrid was like a completely different club that produced great golf shots. Even with the SmartPad technology, I felt the club set up better at address. Trajectory was generally a high ball flight with little movement. Shots basically started straight and flew straight to the target. It seems odd that a simple 3 degree adjustment could produce such drastic change, however, the performance of the 19 degree position is average at best while the 22 degree position performance is outstanding. Once you find the correct setting, the Cobra Amp Cell will produce solid results.

The Cobra AMP CELL hybrid feels fairly average compared to other hybrids with a D2 swing weight. The club feels nice in the address position and throughout the swing. Impact feels solid that creates a soft and dull sound. There is not a big variance on off-center hits on the heel or toe.

The Cobra AMP CELL Hybrid can be described as a consistent performer. Once I found the correct setting, results felt automatic. The price is in line with other hybrids, and considering the adjustable features, it could be considered less expensive than many of the competitors models. In my opinion, Cobra produced some of the best hybrids for years and the AMP CELL continues the tradition. In addition, the Cobra Amp Cell brings a flashy style to the reliable performance making the AMP CELL one of the better hybrids available. If you are searching for a new hybrid, make sure to try the AMP CELL. With dependable results and an affordable retail price of $189, the AMP CELL hybrid is a great choice. Check out’s great price of $129.00.

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