Cobra AMP CELL Fairway Wood

PGA Pro’s Review of the Cobra AMP CELL Fairway Wood

The Cobra AMP CELL fairway wood is designed with a traditional club shape design and packed with new technology. Cobra’s MyFly technology allows you to adjust loft and maximize distance and trajectory with six settings. The AMP CELL fairway can be adjusted from 13 to 16 degrees. In addition, the Cobra Amp Cell fairway wood creates a square set up every time thanks to Cobra’s SmartPad technology, which keeps the face angle square at address, regardless of loft and with no additional adjustment.

Cobra AMP CELL Fairway Wood The AMP CELL fairway wood is available in four club head colors, orange, blue, red and silver. Women also have the ability to choose from pearl blue, pink and silver. Similar to the driver, you pick the color club head and match the appropriate shaft flex for your game. I tested the silver club head with a black club face. The white grooves and red dots stand out at address with Cobra written in orange on the crown for alignment. Cobra has created a great looking lineup of clubs and the AMP CELL fairway looks forgiving and does a really nice job of framing the ball at address.

amp cell fairwayI tested the Cobra Amp Cell adjustable 3-4 fairway wood in the 14 degree position with the stock Fujikura Fuel shaft with stiff flex. The stiff Fujikura Fuel shaft weighs 60 grams with a high kick point and mid torque. Results yielded a straight shot or slight draw with a mid trajectory off the tee and several shots produced a low and straight ball flight off the turf. While the AMP CELL fairway never ballooned in any loft position, the AMP CELL delivered an average distance from the fairway. Changing the loft one degree stronger to 13 degrees yielded similar results, however, surprisingly the 16 degree position produced more inconsistent results. While ball flight increased (naturally with more loft) the ball flight turned to more of a straight shot to slight fade. Regardless, the club looks very forgiving and delivers a consistent and dependable result. Although distance was only average, the Cobra AMP CELL fairway wood is very solid fairway wood.

The weighting of the Cobra Amp Cell fairway wood feels average with a D3 swing weight. The shaft weighs 60 grams which is lighter than several competitors. It is easy enough to feel the club and club head throughout the swing while impact creates a firm sensation with a dull and muted sound. In my opinion, the club feels very average, but should not take away from the clubs consistent performance.

In conclusion, Cobra did a nice job of improving the original AMP fairway with the better performing and more consistent AMP CELL fairway. I knew exactly what to expect out of each swing. The AMP CELL offers the ability to adjust several options and commands a higher retail value at $219.99. In my opinion, the AMP CELL is well worth the extra $20 for an improved result. At the Cobra AMP CELL fairway wood is priced from $125.00 – $219.99. Players searching for a dependable fairway wood should test the AMP CELL.

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