Avoid Wrist Injuries

A PGA PRO’s Tips on How to Avoid Wrist Injuries

A good grip is essential to a good golf swing. In addition to a good grip, a player needs adequate hand, wrist and forearm strength to swing the club correctly. While the most frequently reported injury in golf is back injury, left wrist injuries are reported by 1 out of every 4 PGA and LPGA players. In addition, wrist injuries are even more common among female golfers. Strengthening your wrist and forearm will help control the club throughout the swing. A strong wrist and forearm will also help keep the clubface square through impact while delivering more power to your swing. Try the following exercises to stretch and strengthen the wrist and forearm.
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Wrist Extensions

Wrist injuries are the most frequently reported injury for female golfers. Extend your right arm straight out and pull back your fingers with your left hand until you feel a stretch in your forearm. Repeat the motion with the other wrist.

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Swing a Weighted Club

Practice swinging with a heavy club. Swinging a weighted club is designed to increase flexibility, add swing speed, increase distance and build muscle. Take a normal set up and make continuous swings forward and backward without stopping. Many manufacturers make a swing weight that can be easily added and taken off a club.

Hand Exercise

Squeeze a ball. This is a simple exercise that will strengthen hand and forearm muscles. Perform the exercise for a few minutes and switch hands. Any small object such as a tennis ball or even a stress reliever is effective for this forearm exercise. This is an easy exercise that can be done while sitting on the couch.
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Wrist Curls

Wrist curls are commonly used to strengthen the forearm. Use a lightweight dumbbell and lower the dumbbell to the end of your fingers and then curl the weight back to your palm. Continue lifting the dumbbell toward the wrist. Reverse the wrist curls for an additional exercise. Again, use a light dumbbell. Extend your arm forward with your palm down and the dumbbell in your hand. Using your wrist, lift the weight up and down. Place your other hand on the arm performing the reverse wrist curl for support. Avoid moving your arm during the exercise.

Towel Wring

Grab a towel and twist it as if you are wringing out excess water. The towel wring will strengthen your hands and wrists. Repeat until you get tired.

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