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It’s no secret, golf is one of the most difficult sports to learn. So why not make it easier and more fun? That is exactly what SNAG Golf is about, teaching the game of golf to all ages and ability levels. While SNAG Golf is often mistaken for only junior golfers, it is a fun and effective way for everyone to learn the game.

snag golf suit

Snag Golf began in 1995 when two PGA Tour Professionals, Terry Anton and Wally Armstrong, teamed up to discover an easier way to learn golf. Today, SNAG Golf is involved with over 8,000 international schools, the World Golf Foundation’s First Tee Program, golf academies, golf courses and country clubs, park and recreation programs, senior centers, retirement communities and rehabilitation programs for individuals with disabilities.

snag equipment

Snag is played with a Launcher and a Roller. The Launcher is similar to an iron and you hit off the Launch Pad (tee) for each shot. Rather than a hole, players hit to a Flagsticky. Similar to a putting green, players use the Roller when they are close to the Flagsticky. The Flagsticky is a Velcro flag. SNAG gets their name from the velcro balls that stick to the targets or Flagsticky.

Since SNAG is designed for players of different ages, the equipment is available in 4 different sizes

26″ (green) Ages 5-7 (height 3’6″ to 4’0″)
30″ (blue) Ages 8-10 (height 4’1″ to 4’9″)
34″ (red) Ages 11 and up (height 4’10” to 5’7″)
35″ (black) Players who are 5’8″ or taller

The Princess Pack in pink is a big hit with the girls

snag golf princess pack

SNAG Golf offers endless fun with other products available, such as the Large Bullseye or the SNAG suit that includes a Sticky Helmet, Jacket and Pants. The suit allows a player to become the target while the rest of the group attempts to safely hit the player in the SNAG Suit!
snag golf equipment
Click on the link to view several videos about SNAG Golf!

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