Tiger’s press conference a dig at Accenture

On February 17, Tiger Woods announced he’d be holding his first press conference since his accident in November. It so happened to be the same week as the Accenture Match Play was going on, an event sponsored by a company that used to pay Woods hefty endorsement money. When the infidelity news hit the presses, Accenture decided to dump Tiger.

The date of his press conference, all the way across the country in Florida, seemed baleful. Tiger making his first announcement during the same week as this tournament, headed by Accenture? It has to be a dig, right?

Tiger’s camp insisted it was not, but it is very clear now that he absolutely did it to downplay the Accenture event. If there is one thing that has become perfectly clear in Tiger’s return, it’s that nothing has really changed. He’s still the guy that let Mike Cowan, his first pro caddie, go because he was becoming too big for the bag. He’s still the guy that vowed never to return to the Phoenix Open after an orange was thrown from the gallery. He’s still the guy that finds it necessary to use his power to draw all the golf attention away from a marquee event just because the sponsors didn’t want to pay him anymore.

People in Tiger’s world said it was necessary to announce that week, but that can’t be true. If he wasn’t coming back for the CA Championship or Bay Hill, he had plenty of time to get in front of a microphone and let the world know he was coming back, on a Monday or a Tuesday. He decided to do it during the week of a tournament, proving yet again that if you cross Tiger, you will never live it down.

This has always been a thing with Tiger. Since he was younger, the chip on his shoulder has been carried, and it seems immature for him to take it out on Accenture. They had to drop Tiger to save face, yet he found the one moment to really rip them and did so.

When Tiger tees off for the first round of Augusta, things will slowly start to move back to normal. The one place I wouldn’t expect a lot of Tiger fans to be rejuvenated is at Accenture headquarters.

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