Golf Swing Instruction

Most people have different ways of approaching a golf swing, but many do not have the success with some of there methods or theories on how to swing a golf club. They have either given them self a bit of there own instruction or tips on how to swing a golf club with an uneducated guess or they have been an instruction from someone who says that they know a lot about the golf swing, but in actual fact they don’t know much at all.
A free golf tip is what you need and with a good and easy to follow instructions you will have the golf swing that you have been waiting for your whole life, the perfect or near perfect golf swing. 

First step to improve your golf swing tip is to get the appropriate golf club and take a firm but relaxed grip on the club and then take a shoulder width stance. With this instruction on your golf tip the stance is giving you balance and the relaxed golf grip will give you more control over your golf swing and contact with the ball.

The next part of your golf swing tip is to rotate your shoulders to the right, and by the way this tip is for a right handed golfer as well so if you are left handed you just need to reverse all the instructions that I am giving you for your golf swing tip. Anyway now that we have rotated our shoulders to the right and bring the golf club around the back of your head, the next instruction that we are going to learn from this point is the swing of the golf club.

The swing needs to be practiced religiously as we all have a different approach with our swing and the contact of the golf ball.

As the swing is the major part of an actual golf shot we can divide it into three sections which are top mid and contact. My best instruction with this golf swing tip is to hold the first part of the swing at the top and just behind the head in a balanced and relaxed state and then when you get to the mid section or waist height slowly pivot the body around a little keeping the legs in the same place, but the hips and shoulders slowly coming around with the golf swing and then on contact with the ball bring the club past the ball as the contact is made and swing the club right around the other side of the shoulders or opposite to the shoulder that you played the shot off and always keep your eye on the ball.

With this golf tip and its instructions towards improving your golf swing shots, I have no doubt that with a little practice and a lot of patience you will improve your golf swing and also improve your over all game of golf resulting in a better score card at the end of your round of golf.
Try the golf swing instruction or tip that I have given to you and assess it by breaking down each individual component of your golf swing and see how it suits you or you could even manipulate the instructions that I have given to you to suit your own needs with your golf swing on the golf course. Whatever you do out there on the golf course, make sure that you have fun and play a good hard game of golf with your team members or friends.

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