Cobra Baffler XL Driver Review

Cobra Baffler XL Driver PGA Pro Review

Cobra Golf claims the Baffler XL driver is one of the most forgiving clubs to hit far and straight! I chose to review this game improvement driver from a really great experience at a demo day earlier this year. We actually sold 3 identical 10.5 regular flex Cobra Baffler XL drivers within 10 minutes. It was amazing when three random people watched each other hit the Baffler driver, and the results outperformed their current model. The following review highlights the Cobra Baffler XL Driver.

cobra women baffler The Cobra Baffler features a glued head without any adjustable features. The offset design makes it easier to square the club face at impact for higher, straighter shots In addition, the offset design helps straighten out a slice. The Cobra Baffler XL driver utilizes E9 Face technology to create a larger sweet spot and faster ball speeds across the entire face resulting in higher launch and lower spinning shots. Finally, weight is positioned low and back in the club head to create a high MOI and more forgiveness for more distance, especially on off-center hits.

cobra women baffler 1 The Cobra Baffler XL driver is designed with an attractive dark blue color scheme for men and purple and silver for women. The crown uses a thick off color line for alignment at address. The silver club face frames the ball nice at address. Compared to many other drivers, the Baffler XL driver looks plane, yet very easy to hit.

I tested the Cobra Baffler XL driver 10.5 degree with the stock 55 gram Baffler XL shaft. The stock stiff shaft features a mid kick point and mid torque intended to produce a high ball flight and launch. The women’s shaft weights 50 grams to promote faster swing speeds with a low kick point and high torque to encourage higher and straighter shots. The stock grip is the Cobra Winn Wrap grip.

The Cobra Baffler XL driver features a D2 swing weight for men and C8 for women. The club head feels heavy enough and creates a nice sensation throughout the entire swing. The Baffler XL driver produces extremely consistent results beginning with a solid feeling and “ping” sound at impact. The Baffler XL is easy to get in the air with a high launch and ball flight. Results were very consistent, high and little movement. Distance seemed average with little roll. However, results for a scratch player were marginal. I personally witnessed players with high handicaps benefit from the high launch and forgiveness. The offset design helped control a big slice into a penetrating ball flight with a slight fade. Not only did they hit the ball straighter, they gained a considerable amount of distance compared to their previous driver.

Visually the Cobra Baffler XL driver might not appeal to everyone with the offset design. However, it is a perfect choice for the mid to high handicap player that just wants to get the ball in the air. In addition, there is no confusion adjusting the loft, lie or weight. Originally priced at $249, theCobra Baffler XL driver is now a steal at the new reduced retail price of $179. The Baffler XL driver is dependable, consistent and one of the top value drivers for any mid to high handicap players.

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