Patrick Reed – A Whodunnit

Patrick Reed Accused of Cheating?

Unflattering Book on PGA Golfer – Patrick Reed to be Released

The PGA might be bound by a code of ethics, as many organizations are, but within the field of qualified golfers to play the game at the top level, every sort of personality type is present, even one like Patrick Reed.

Black clouds have followed the story of this golfer from school days and through 2011, the year in which he turned pro. Soon, an author is going to release a book that paints Patrick Reed as a cheater and a thief.

reed 1 That’s heavy-duty stuff, and you’d better be sure of what you’re doing when you level such a charge. I’m going to guess that author Shane Ryan thinks he has enough facts to do that. But, there are unknowns in all of the rumors swirling around. Reading the topic sentence of such accounts involving Reed, I would have thought I was going to find in the next paragraph that he was a mass murderer or some arch-villain from Marvel Comics. - The Golf Warehouse
The stories start back at the University of Georgia, where Reed allegedly played another’s ball that was in a better position in the rough. If true, yes, it is cheating. I know because I did it once in my early teens by dropping a new ball in the rough, and the humiliation was something unforgettable, and still troublesome to think about. I don’t know how Patrick Reed feels about his incident, but he isn’t admitting it, not yet.

His colleagues at Georgia were convinced he was a cheater, and he became a social outcast. Then, a club, a watch, and some cash went missing, and Reed showed up the next day with money and a fake story. I don’t know anything about that, but those Georgians still on tour don’t talk about it. One source says that he transferred to Augusta State. Others say he was kicked out of Georgia golf, and was suspended for two tournaments at his new school. I don’t know the real answer to that, either.
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Reed hasn’t done himself any favors through being brash, rude, coarse, and belligerent. He is the street thug of golf in his teeside manner, apparently, but being cocky isn’t a crime, just repugnant. Being verbally aggressive isn’t a crime, either, unless it threatens the safety of another. I can’t claim to know if that’s ever happened with Patrick Reed.

Reed’s a very good golfer among a very good group of golfers. At 24, he’s a four-time winner on tour, where old claims of chastising colleagues for bad play and having anger problems don’t cut it if they go overboard. It’s not like Patrick Reed’s the first cocky player with bad manners that we’ve seen.

For me, then, and for most of us, I would think, what Patrick Reed has done, does, or might do, is a mess of speculation. And, if he feels confident that he’s been wronged, he has avenues of response. So far, he has quietly informed us that his people are looking into it, to see what should be done – as in slander, in Ryan Shane’s case. Only one person really knows the truth – I don’t.
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Being accused of being a cheater hurts more on the golf course than it does almost anywhere else. What a life lesson, and how grateful I learned it at such an early age. Just a switched ball in the rough, what’s the big deal? It must be a big deal, I guess. I still “ulp” over it,” and Patrick Reed will have to deal with it, too – if it’s true. Stealing? If it’s true, he’s lived with that for several years now. If not, he has a big apology coming to him. Being a jerk, and having no or few friends in the workplace? That’s a risk we all run. That’s in Patrick Reed’s hands. So, all those accusations, for now, are just one big…whodunnit.

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