Park Wins Three-Way Battle in Singapore


Park Wins HSBC Women’s Champions in Singapore


Inbee ParkThe three premier female golfers on Earth spent their Sunday together. It was Inbee Park who emerged victorious at the HSBC Women’s Champions in Singapore with a virtuoso performance.
Park closed with a 2-under par 70 at Sentosa Golf Club to finish the 72 holes at 15-under par 273.
The 26-year Park old won the tournament by two shots, recorded the 13th victory of her career and, perhaps most impressive of all, played 72 bogey-free holes of golf.

“This week was just incredible. I don’t think I can even believe myself that I didn’t make any bogeys for 72 holes. I mean, if I thought about bogeys, when am I going to make bogey; if I was afraid of the bogeys, I’d probably make bogeys. But I thought, whatever happens, it’s just meant to be. I just try to focus just on my game and just not think about so many other things.”
There isn’t a lot if flash and sizzle to Park’s game, but she goes about her work with pristine efficiency. And with a putter in her hand she is, to say the least, formidable.
But, like many great putters before her, from Bobby Jones onward. Park is never seemingly satisfied with her work on the greens. That mindset of course, is part of what makes her so formidable.
“I think many people putted better than me this week,” she says. “I had a lot of opportunities. I think I probably get like, probably at least 12 looks at a birdie every day. I was able to only make six one day, four, two, three. So it’s not that good odds, but that was enough to win obviously. Because my long game was so good this week, I think that was definitely why I was able to win this week. Putting I think still has a little bit to go, but probably seven, eight out of ten I think.”

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