Trump Still Gets Way

Trump Aims at Ruling Golf

When does the weariness factor kick in? When is enough enough? Since no one in the suit and tie end of golf seems to have the guts to tell Donald Trump where to get off, maybe someone holding the clubs will.

In taking a second look at the comments directed at illegal Mexican immigrants Trump has glibly rolled out in past weeks, I am perceiving them as highly classist, more than racist. It’s the poor who are the idiot underlings in Trump’s book, unless, of course, they work for him. Then he loves all his little people.
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In bowing and scraping to this…let’s say “phenomenon,” to avoid being coarse, the powers of golf have promoted just what golf doesn’t need right now, or ever, a face to put on its hopefully fading history of elitism. Donald Trump must have a certain kind of intelligence. He certainly knows more about making money than I do, and could buy me a million times over, but in other ways, he’s an idiot, pure and simple. He can read a ledger, but couldn’t think his way out of a paper moral question. People are always fond of saying “Money talks,” but hardly anyone asks “Does it say anything intelligent?” out loud. It is not comforting that Ted Cruz has spoken in support of the comments. It gives me some strange visual of Howdy-Doody and Cowboy Bob, and boy howdy did I hate that puppet.

What Trump values in life is a misleading concept. He values his place in it, or rather at the top of it. He wants to run the country, and the golf industry, to gather more little people that he loves. Thank goodness he was able to separate out all the good Mexicans from those committing all the crimes as they come over the border so he could put the friendly ones to work cutting the greens and cleaning up the clubhouse.

trumpThe powers that be in golf aren’t really powerful at all. The larger the organization, the more places there are to hide, and the less you’ll be called to stand up and speak. They released a statement declaring Trump’s comments “inconsistent to an inclusive and welcoming environment in the game of golf.” Now, that’s moral fortitude. Translation – I wish he wouldn’t say things like that. Just smile and keep giving us the money, Don. We’ll schedule our tournaments on Trump courses, and everything will be hunky-dory. The PGA Grand Slam of golf is scheduled for a Trump course, and so is a PGA Championship, with a U.S. Open being negotiated down the road. Not a stir has been made about changing any of that. The PGA thinks they need Trump’s “mover and shaker” presence.
As a person of moderate means, I am one of Trump’s little people, less successful, less intelligent, and less ambitious. Chances are that you are one of them, too. If I can ever afford to play a Trump course, I won’t, but that’s what people like Trump count on, you’re not affording it. They only fear collective movements, like the one I would like to see among the tour players. Who has the wherewithal to boycott these royal tournaments held on Trump’s exclusive (unless you work there) golf Edens?

I am confident that voters will make sure that I don’t have to look at that face for the next few years, but then, Trump’s not paying them individually. I wish that the PGA and LPGA would do the same, but it isn’t looking likely to happen, not when there’s a high-level elitist connection to be made. The suspicion level of the PGA and LPGA brass just went up a whole bunch. They’re looking very corporate right now, and not very public-friendly. Today, I care a little less about pro golf. I know Trump doesn’t care about golf at the “little people” level. Anyone else out there who does?
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